Why Should You Pay A Visit to Konnagar?


Ever Populated Konnagar Station

Konnagar is a small suburban town that is situated in the Howrah-Bardhaman main line. This small and peaceful town is located on the banks of the River Hooghly. The station lies between Rishra and Hindmotor and most of the local trains from Howrah to Bardhaman halt at this station. Konnagar is also accessible by road with the help of the Grand Trunk Road. Konnagar is run by its Municipal Corporation and falls under the Serampore sub-division.

One of the key advantages of living in Konnagar is the peaceful life that the town offers. Though it is just a few miles away from the Metropolitan city of Kolkata, yet when you consider the noise and pollution levels it can be considered a heaven. Konnagar is also the cultural hub in its neighborhood. If you happen to spend a day at this picturesque town you are sure to come across some cultural program  or the other. Some of the reputed poets and authors visit Konnagar regularly.

There are various places of interest in this town. The Konnagar Baromondir is a sombre Shiva temple placed on the banks of the River Hooghly. Most of the locales like to spend their evenings on the paved footsteps of this Ghat. The Raj Rajeshwari Temple established by Shankaracharya just a decade back is also one of the places of interest for the worshippers. But the temple for which Konnagar well known for is the Shakuntala Kali Mandir. This is one of the oldest Kali Pujas, and people from far and wide pay a visit to this temple. Fair is held on the adjacent grounds once a year on the eve of the Puja.

Though there are no malls and supermarkets in Konnagar (barring the More store which has been recently set up) yet the people can avail every item with ease. Most people claim that the prices of vegetables, fruits and other raw materials are very low in Konnagar. This meets the needs of the budget conscious residents.


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