How Did Hitler Die?

Adolf Hitler who has become synonymous with tyranny not only lived a controversial life but there are many mysteries surrounding his death too. The common story behind the death of this tyrant is that on 30 April, 1945 when the Russian army was closing in on the bunker where the Fuhrer (Adolph Hitler took refuge) Hitler committed suicide by ingesting poison as well as shooting himself. Hitler and his girlfriend Eva Braun had lived together in the bunker like a husband and wife in the last 40 hours of Hitler’s tyrannical life. On 30 April morning Hitler got news that the Soviet troops were a mere 500 metres from the bunker and there was heavy bombardment from the enemy troops overhead. Around 1 pm that day Hitler granted Helmut Weidling (commander of the Berlin Defence Area) the permission to break out that night. Then he had lunch with his two secretaries, Eva Braun and his personal cook. After that Eva and the Fuhrer said their personal farewells to all the other occupants of the bunker. At around 2:30 pm both of them locked themselves in Hitler’s personal study and about one hour later there was a loud gun shot heard. When the room was open both Hitler and Eva were found dead.

Death Mystery of Adolf Hitler

This was a short and simple story, but the mysteries piled up later. When the Soviet troops entered the bunker they found four fully burnt bodies. The soldiers were able to decipher the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun and buried them. But some of the Soviet intelligence officers later reported that the body might of the body double of Hitler, thus the buried bodies were unearthed and taken to forensic lab. After detailed testing of the dental structure of Hitler it was confirmed that the Fuhrer was indeed dead.

Some expressed doubts on the nature of Hitler’s death. If he had shot himself on the head why did he take the poison? In this regard the critics feel that Hitler who had killed thousands of people was himself afraid of the death pain. Thus he shot himself just after taking the poison to reduce the pain of death.

As the Hitler death mystery gathered pace the body of Hitler was presented to the public in Moscow in 2000. Some of the American researchers carried out DNA testing of the skull of Hitler. There was a staggering fact that came out of the tests. The skull that was so long thought to be Hitler’s was in reality that of a woman. There was a hole in the similar to a bullet hole, but the bone was very thin and the satures where the skull plates came together revealed that the person was below 40 years of age. In the records it is revealed that Hitler died at the age of 56. Thus the body revealed before the public was not that of Hitler for sure.

Another group of researchers found some astonishing facts, according to them Hitler fled from the bunker seeing the approach of the Soviet forces. He made his way through the tunnels to reach the seas. From there he boarded a ship to set sail for Argentina. The researchers also feel that the bombing on the bunker was carried out by the Nazi airplanes to make the world believe that Adolf Hitler was dead. The news of Hitler’s suicide would glorify him. In Argentina he stayed hidden from the eyes of the world. As testified by one of the physicians who attended Hitler in his death bed, he had become lean and suffered from multiple diseases. He died of age in  a small town in Argentina.

Like many other eminent leaders the death of Hitler is as much mystified as his life. There have been and will be many speculations regarding the death of this feared leader.

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