Ignorance about Content Writing is a Fallacy

Whenever you want information about any topic would you run to a library in hope of finding some relevant books on the topic? Or would you simply log on to the Internet and search for the term and extract as much information? Definitely you will be opting for the second option as it is time saving. In todays date people are assured to get articles and blogs on every topic. Who writes these valuable content? It is the content writers! Yet this profession is still anonymous to many in Kolkata. When my mom tells someone that I am a content writer she has to follow it up with a brief description about what I do and then there are disinterested looks given by the audience. But being a professional content writer is not bad a deal!

Remove Ignorance Regarding Content Writing

Outsourced IT work adds a fair amount to the coffers of the Indian government. Though design and development are vital aspects of any website, but it is the content that keeps the visitors glued to any website. People log on to the Internet to find information, buy or compare things, or looking for solution. It is the content at any website or the articles posted at these sites that helps them to meet their purpose. The importance of content itself signifies the importance of a content writer.

Demand for the content writer in Kolkata is quite high. You don’t believe me, take a look at any of the leading job portals and you will find scopes a plenty for the fresh candidates. Though it is an IT, but that does not mean you will require the software or hardware skills. All you need to posses is the quality to write good English, research well about any topic over the Internet and basic computer knowledge.

But why should I blame the youth for their ignorance, have you heard any major University in West Bengal offering the content writing courses? The answer is ‘no’, this means each year there are hundreds of prospective content writers entering into other professions due to lack of learning about web content writing.

If you go to US you will find professional courses covering all sorts of subjects. But the situation is not that bright in West Bengal though. A lot of awareness has to be spread regarding the profession that I love by heart – Content Writing.

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