Can Online Content Lead you to Right Path?

When I was in school and had to submit a project I used to log onto the Internet and download as much of information. Internet back in those times was considered as the best source of pure information. Content writers used to research extensively to write an informative article. But those days are past now! Come the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the face of online content has changed significantly. Online visitors looking for quality information are mostly disappointed in the present times. There is dearth of unbiased information on the Internet. Business owners realize the potential of online marketing through article, Press Release and blog submission. Thus they want to promote their website in the disguise of information. The leading article directories (such as Ezine Articles, Article Buzz, etc.) are plagued by promotional articles. Most of the blogs are molding their information in a way as to prove the services of a particular company the best. The Press Releases have lost their news value. As a content writer in Kolkata I have to write blogs on websites that have hardly any upgrades to make news from, yet I have to do it as it is my work!

Can you Really Learn Online?

Use of keywords in an article is a SEO trick to improve the visibility of any company. And there is a certain percentage of keywords that have to be incorporated in each article to end up in the search results. At times I come across dubious keywords that make an article look shabby when incorporated. The use of keywords have further degraded the quality of online content. Some of the readers online might feel I do not know English after reading the articles, but trust me at times I am helpless. I have to meet all the SEO needs and sacrifice some of the key writing skills such as grammar and syntax!

There is hardly any source of information on the web that I might certify as authentic. A lot of biasness goes into every piece of information. Thus the people who were claiming that the libraries might be a dated thing, wake up. At least there is real value for time when you visit a library, what you get online is information that you are not sure about.

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