Is there Life Outside Earth?

If you see numerous Hollywood movies such as Independence Day, Star Wars, etc. you would be thinking life outside our great planet Earth is an improbable thing which just appears in work of fiction. But this isn’t a reality. UFO sightings and stories of extraterrestrial beings boarding down from their space shuttles are not a thing of today. Delve deep into the origins of many renowned civilizations such as Egyptian and Indus valley and you will get enough traces of extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth on high frequency during those times. One line of scientists has also predicted that all races baring the African blacks are ancestors of beings from a world far from ours. They have sighted a simple example. According to their studies evolution of apes was a definite happening, but then apes do not have sharp nose or sharp features?

Many rock inscriptions and even paintings on the pyramids of ancient Egypt have figures drawn which closely resemble to the oval UFO. Some of them also show beings that are definitely not humans working side by side with the workers while the Pyramids were being built. Indeed many historians have still not found the sudden rise and rapid development of the Egyptian culture.

If these were traces of the past, then in the modern times reports of UFO sightings in various parts of the world bear testimony to the presence of extraterrestrial beings in the present times. Though NASA and other national security agencies have kept on denying the UFO landings yet there are many people ready to stand evidence to what they have seen. There are even some videos which show the flying saucers. Let us see through one recent happening. The date of the sighting was January 8, 2008 and the location was Stephenville, Texas in the US. Dozens of people in the locality including one of the pilots reported to have seen “large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast”. Some even said that a fighter jet was chasing them. The locals are of the belief that the flying was definitely faster and lower to ground then an airplane. The configuration of lights in the object also changed configuration unlike a plane. But the NASA officials will blow away this incident as merely a made up story or give a complex scientific explanation for it. But for how long would they hide that we are not alone in this Universe?


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