SEO Articles: For Humans and Not For Spiders?

As a young content writer in Kolkata I felt that the articles written for SEO Article Submission are the easiest to write. Only thing you got to keep in mind is the use of keywords, rest of the content had no value. But then after a passage of some time I fell in love with my profession as a Content writer and started thinking seriously about my job role. It is then that I understood the real significance of articles in the success of SEO campaigns. Yes, these articles are submitted well and fine for the sole sake of getting high PR but isn’t there a professional obligation for the content writers to make the content best?

Article submissions are generally made in the top article directories (such as Ezine Articles, Article Snatch, Article Buzz, Article Alley, etc.) but you have to compete with many other articles in the article directories to be read by the ardent readers. This is a challenge in itself. Suppose I am writing an article about “sports equipments” won’t I want my article to appear in the first ten search results at the respective article directory? It is a dream of every writer to get their works read by many and as a content writer you should strive to make the articles not average but THE BEST!

How to create a great article for SEO submission? It’s quite simple. Just keep the following basics in mind:

  • The headline of the article should be unique and make you eager to click on the article link and read through. In this respect the use of a question related to your area of writing is a great headline. In the latest surveys it has been seen that people come to the article directories mostly to find answers to some of their problems. If your headline has a question that closely resembles their query then they will read through the article. You may also use “Tips to” headlines which help the readers learn some secrets of the trade.
  • The introductory paragraph should lead the readers directly into the context. One or two lines of writing about the niche sector are fair enough but do not over expand it. The eagerness captured in the headline should be followed forward to the introductory paragraph of the article.
  • The flow of the sentences should be just like the fiction novels. If you have read any fiction novel in the recent times you would recall feeling sleepy and yet not being able to close the book just to read through a few more pages. This is because the sentences are strung together to make reading a gripping experience. Try to attain this purpose with your write up.
  • Use the keywords in proper order. Do not put a keyword just because it has to be inserted into the content. Keep the list of keywords within your eye-sight so that you plan the sentences in a way that the keywords are inserted without hampering the flow of the sentences.
  • Check for all grammar and spelling errors. Read through the article thrice. You should read the article as a part of proof reading just after finishing the article. Then get on with some other work. Open the article for another look after some time and you will find many places that might require slight changes to boost the article.
Hope these steps will help you write an article for the humans and not for the spiders and you can be proud with even the articles written for article submission.

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