Why Blogs have Become More Like Articles?

Blogging came into being in the early part of the 21st century. In its infancy it was considered as a type of online diary. Most of the celebrities recognised the potential of blogging in the ever increasing online traffic. Just like they did in the printed and audio-visual media, they used blogs to provide a peek into their glamorous life. When there was a movie release or game coming up their blogging activities grew up. People started liked to read about their day to day activities, largely due to their fan following. There was little information or news, it was just a way to get close and personal with the man/woman of their dreams, so felt the readers. Soon a group of common bloggers grew trying to emulate the feats of the celebrities. They also saw upon blogging as a past-time more than a way to cater information. Here started the failure of blogging. If a common man writes “I woke up today at 9 o’clock , brushed my teeth and had toast and fruits for breakfast” then not many (barring his close friends) will be interested to read on.

Why Have Blogs undergone a sea change?

Now that the Internet has matured and reached into households all through the globe the concept of blogging has undergone drastic changes. We have seen the emergence of social media sites such as Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and recently Google+. Through these sites you can let your friends know about what you are doing at the moment or what your daily schedule. Whether your friends like it or not they might have to view through it. So what do the bloggers write now? Well, towards the end of the 2000’s there came in a new concept called corporate blogging. This changed the entire look and feel of blogs. You would quickly recognise from the name that it has got to do something with “corporate” houses. Yes, it has a large role to play. It was during this time that the businesses realised the potential of blogging to reaching out to their customers.

An Example of Celebrity Blogs

Companies appointed good writers to write informative blogs on the company and its services. But how much newsworthy would that be? A company cannot launch a new product or win new prizes everyday to write a fresh blog about! So the professional bloggers had a hard time. Then came the idea of mixing the blogs with informative articles. Everyone using the Internet has visited Wikipedia at some time or the other. But why? Wikipedia is one of the best sources to find any information. And there was no written rule that a blog could not be similar in structure to articles. So, bloggers started writing informative blogs on their sector. This was not confined to the company. It spanned across the relevant sector.  This fitted the bill perfectly as far as the modern day net surfers are concerned.

Blogger and WordPress are Two Major Blogging Platforms

There is logic behind the article like structure and content of the present day blogs. Reading on the computer screen can be hard for the eyes as there is excessive light being reflected. Thus people are not really interested to read on if they do not have something worthwhile to read about. Present day blogs provide that juice to the readers. Their knowledge thirst is met with the latest information on the blocks.  Only difference between an article and a blog nowadays is bloggers still find a place to air their views about any given topic while writing blogs while they have to remain neutral and let the readers decide in terms of the articles.

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