Scary and Strange Dragon’s Triangle

For many decades now there has been wide publicity about the unusual occurrences happening in the Bermuda triangle. Scientists are busy at explaining the reasons for strange disappearances in Bermuda triangle, but just on the opposite side of the globe there is another place equally mysterious. It is the Dragon’s triangle. It is situated 100km South of Tokyo, Japan. The Dragon’s Triangle does not appear on the world map just like the Bermuda triangle. According to the ancient Japanese legends, with some even as old as 1000 BC, Dragons lived in these waters. These dragons used to breathe fire burning all the ships. These creatures further took the unfortunate survivors along with them to their underwater liars. This is the reason the place has been named as Dragon’s Triangle.

In the year 1950 many aircrafts, fishing boats and large shipping vessels started disappearing at a high rate. This prompted the Japanese authorities to label the area as ‘shipping danger zone’. Subsequently a team of experts was sent by the Japanese government to investigate the causes of such disappearance in 1952. But unfortunately the ship (Kaio Maru no. 5) also met the same fate. Since then the Japanese government has stopped its quest for the answers to the mysteries of Dragon’s Triangle.

Map of Dragon's Triangle

There are many opinions among the researchers explaining these strange happenings in the Dragon’s Triangle. Some attribute it to the ever changing seascape. Indeed along this triangular area the islands come up and disappear overnight. This may be attributed to the underwater volcanoes and seaquakes. Some of the navigators visiting the fringes of Dragon’s Island recall that they could not find some islands which they had witnessed on their last voyage. This coupled with the extreme and quick weather changes that the area faces could be one of the reasons why ships and aircrafts lose control while travelling through the Dragon’s triangle.

Thousands of Ships Have Never Returned from Dragon's Triangle

Another reason for these disappearances could be the presence of agonic lines or the lines of no magnetic variation. Just like Bermuda triangle even here the magnetic needle points north and south directly. This leads to extreme compass deviation in the area. Under such circumstances the key electrical equipments do not work and all machinery comes to a standstill.  Another theory explains that Dragon’s Triangle could be a hub of UFO landings and alien abductions. Many ships coming close to the area and still surviving have reported many alien like activities. One such incident happened with a Submarine expert from USA who was looking to track a Russian submarine. He eventually found something that was moving faster and looked vastly different from any submarine manufacturer till date.

Though the reasons for the paranormal activities in Dragon’s Triangle are many but it is surely one of the scariest places on Earth.

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