Is Konnagar Becoming Next Centre of Attraction for Jagaddhatri Puja?

It is the festive time for all Bengalis. What if our clients keep complaining about the number of holidays during the last month or so? This is the time when every household in Bengal has many happy days. It all initiates with the Durga Puja, is followed up by the Kali Puja and is then concluded with the Jagaddhatri Puja. Well so is the custom in the place I have been born and brought up in. I am talking about Konnagar.

Idol of Goddess Jagaddhatri

Though Jagaddhatri Puja in West Bengal has largely been associated with Chandannagar, the city known for its decoration lightings yet many other small towns and cities in the locality are catching the feverish of Jagaddhatri Puja in Chandannagar. Rishra is one of the small towns in Hooghly district, but this town too has become famous for the lavish Jagaddhatri Pandals. Thousands of people flock nowadays to view the puja in Rishra too. And taking heart more and more associations are deciding to hold the Jagaddhatri Pujas themselves.

Rituals of Jagaddhatri Puja in Progress

Talking about Konnagar, it is gradually becoming another place where Jagaddhatri Puja is held with pomp and grandeur. Growing up as a child we used to have some family organised pujas, one amongst them was our Jagaddhatri Puja organised by my grandfather Mr. Bireshwar Banerjee. But within the span of last five years the numbers of Pujas has gone up. They have evolved from being family oriented pujas to club oriented ones. Many clubs have got into the race of organising the lavish pujas and out beating their rival committees. It goes well for the popularity of Jagaddhatri Puja in Konnagar.

Jagaddhatri Puja Pandal

When you visit Konnagar during the Jagaddhatri Puja, right from the time you get off the local train you will be able to view the large idol placed in close proximity of the railway station. This Puja is organised by the local Rickshaw Pullers organisation. There is a big puja near the Shakuntala Kali Mandir too. Many puja pandals are found interspersed through Konnagar.

Come this 4th of November do not forget to pay a visit to Konnagar and enjoy the worship of the Protector of the World.

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