Did the Pharaoh’s build the Sphinx?

Sphinx of Giza is one of the ancient architectural marvels of the world. Everyone across the world believes it to be the work of ancient Pharaoh, but many modern researchers have unearthed startling facts about the construction of the Sphinx. Apart from the structure, design and purpose of the Sphinx there seems to be no written records about the construction of the Sphinx. Though there are records of its restoration found in the Roman, Egyptian or Arabic written records.

Sphinx of Giza

There are two schools of thought. The traditionalists feel that the written records are correct and the Sphinx was built around 2500 B.C. by Pharaoh Khafre of the 4th Dynasty. According to this school of thought the Sphinx would be about 5000 years old. But the new researchers believe that the Sphinx was built much before this timeframe. It was not built by the Pharaoh’s rather a civilization further advanced then the Egyptians prior to the flood (in the Ante-Diluvian age) built this magnificent monument having the body of a lion and the head of a man.

Though the Egyptians were famous for keeping records about teh construction of monuments why is there no record of Sphinx’s construction? The Sphinx was made out of a single carved stone and it needed much calculation, no records regarding such calculations have been found till date. The oldest record concerning the Sphix is the “Sphinx Stella” from 1400 B.C. it tells us about the restoration of the Sphinx by Pharaoh Thutmosis IV belonging to the 18th Dynasty. The inscription never provided any information regarding the designer or builder of Sphinx. There is a first syllable “Khaf” on the 13th line of the inscription that has been associated with King Khafre and thus the ancients believe it was built by King of this name. As is relavant in the Spinx, it has eroded over time. The ancients believe this is due to the natural erosion.

Eroded Face of Sphinx Deemed to be Replica of Pharaoh Khafra's Face

But the modern day researchers differ, they believe that the Sphinx was built by a Ante-Diluvian civilization and the erosion was not caused by nature rather it was caused by the water. The samples taken from the Sphinx prove that the erosion on the Sphinx was due to water and not sand. Where could this water come from as the Sphinx is located in the middle of desert? Such water could have only harmed the Sphinx in case of the flood. Romans and Arabs believe that there was a secret repository having treasures and documents from an ancient civilization. Many researchers also believe that there are some relations between the Sphinx civilization and the civilization of Atlantis.

Evidence of Ancients

There are only three pieces of evidence furnished by the ancients:

  • It has the letter “Khaf” on the eroded Sphinx Stella. Thus it can be associated with Pharaoh Khafre.
  • Pharaoh Khafre is also believed to have built many monuments in Valley of the Temples. But there are not many records to back this claim too.
  • The head of the Sphinx was modelled on the face of Pharaoh Khafre. But there are no paintings that back this opinion.

Sphinx Stella Only Inscription about Restoration of Sphinx

New Theory

The recent group of researchers provide an entirely different account:

  • Astronomy: The three Pyramids align to the stars situated in the Orion constellation. Spinx faces to the east of the rising sun which is a marker for the spring equinox. Leo is the zodiac sign resembling the lion. The sun rose in the house of Leo during 10,500 B.C. during the spring equinox. Using the latest computer models such relationship between the Sphinx and the stars have been proved. Robert Bauval feels “the Giza monuments as a whole were so arranged as to provide a picture of the skies not as they had looked in Fourth Dynasty around 2500 B.C., but as they looked…around the year 10,450 B.C.”.
  • Geological: Research has shown that erosion by sand or wind on limestone looks completely different then the erosion caused on the Sphinx. The erosion on Sphinx is similar to water erosion. No other monument built during the same period has faced such deterioration so why has the Sphinx got eroded. May be a surge of water or many years of rain together have caused such an erosion on the Sphinx. If this is correct the Sphinx was built many years before the Egyptian civilization. The Egyptians merely built some monuments and temples around the Sphinx.

These theories have forced the common people to think on completely different lines. May be there was a civilization that was much more advanced than our present civilization. We are often mislead by the concept that human civilization had a linear progress, what if it was the other way round?

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One thought on “Did the Pharaoh’s build the Sphinx?

  1. Thank you for the info. I would like to ask, the door between the sphinx’s hands, is it possible if I was to open it right now or is is unopenable?
    Please answer as soon as possible.

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