Origins and Definitions of Nazca Lines

With the advent of aviation in the 1930s the world came to know about a new mystery so far hidden in the southern coast deserts of Peru. These were called the Nazca Lines. They consisted of etched figures ranging from geometric shapes, straight lines to pictures of animals and birds spanning across the desert sands of Pampa. What was more astonishing was the fact that these lines were only visible from the air. Soon after their discovery many researchers got to work and tried to decipher the purpose and creators of the Nazca Lines. One of the prime concerns for these researchers was how could such paintings on sand be made before the advent of aircrafts? How could someone draw such figures without instructions from someone in the air? Are these lines signs of the alien race? Are they landing strips for the aliens? What was the reason behind such drawings? So we would look to find answers to the above provided questions based on the recent studies.

Pampa Desert with Nazca Lines


How could such paintings on sand be made before the advent of aircrafts?


Though many people have underestimated the technology of the Inca civilization and what they could do in their prime but modern researchers have not done this blunder. Many researchers in the past had come up with a philosophy that aliens used to visit earth more frequently and even had interactions with the humans. They had sighted that Nazca Lines were drawn with a combined effort of aliens and humans. The aliens instructed the humans from their flying saucers and based on which the humans drew these amazing sand works. But this notion has been dismantled by the modern researchers. In a bid to find the mystery of flying they discovered that the Nazca Civilization could easily build a hot air balloon purely due to the higher technology found in many excavation sites. Jim Woodman even went as far as creating a hot air balloon with the help of local cloth, reeds and rope. Such a hot air balloon could really be useful in directing the artists to draw such wonderful images on sand.


Nazca Lines: Drawing of a Spider


How could someone draw such figures without instructions from someone in the air?


Apart from the above provided hypothesis there are other ways that the Nazca artists could have drawn such lines. In the recent studies it has been found that the artists used to prepare the preliminary drawings on a small area, some plots are still visible near the larger paintings. The artists then broke the entire down into many parts and each artist was assigned a special section. They used rocks, stones and ropes as markers before enlarging the images. With such simple methods the artists could even construct the images themselves without anyone to instruct them from above. Further some researchers believe that there might have been a large rock or mountain in the vicinity which has eroded away with time. This high spot might also have been used to instruct the artists at work.


Nazca Lines: Candle Drawn on Sand


Are these lines signs of the alien race?


As these lines are visible only from air thus many people have associated those with alien signs as our modern civilisation are supposed to be the only ones capable of flying. However these signs were never meant to be anything but religious practices. Nazca Civilization believed in the worship of nature. The drawings of animals and birds were a tribute to the Gods and thus they wanted the Gods above to witness their drawings. The geometrical shapes on the other hand were just misinterpretations. When these are seen as a complete whole they form some limbs or parts of an animal.


Nazca Lines: Drawing of a Monkey


Are they landing strips for the aliens?


Many scholars in the yester years had commented that the narrow drawings made across the Pampa served only one intention, they were the landing strips for alien saucers. But these drawings are made on a soil that is very soft. It would not be able to withstand the impact of space craft landing. The alien ships would get stuck in the sand and may never take off again. Why would the aliens choose such a place on earth to land their sophisticated saucers? As mentioned before these drawings were purely religious.


Nazca Lines: Drawing of a Phoenix


What was the reason behind such drawings?


In the ancient civilizations there was a particular notion whereby the people used to feel integrated with the image they were walking within. They felt they were within the body of the Gods. This is the reason the drawings were carved in the pathways, they led to particular destinations. The path to a prayer hall might be marked by a particular bird’s image and so on. These were built for the aesthetic fulfilment of the souls.


So much has been misinterpreted about these lines. They were the marvels created by the ancient Nazca Civilization and not by any other alien race.


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