Yonaguni Monument: Is it Natural or Man-made?

Yonaguni Monument is a large underwater rock formation situated off the coastline of Yonaguni, which is situated in the southernmost part of Ruyuku Islands in Japan. In 1986 this monument was discovered by the bunch of sea divers looking for popular Hammerhead sharks in the area. They found striking rock formations that had carved steps, massive platforms and stone pillars about 25 metres below the sea level. There was a large pyramid structure that was 90 feet high and 600 feet wide. The structure also had different levels of stone blocks which have been assumed as roads. There was also a triangular formation found within the structure which was later named as “the Turtle” for its unique shape. Soon a strong debate raged on between the researchers while one group felt it was natural others firmly believed that it was man-made.

Let us consider the natural wonder theory of the Western scholars. According to them the Yonaguni Monument has been carved out of a single stone. The steps or the platforms might be caused by the strong ocean currents prevailing near the Ruyuku Islands. They have sited that basic geology states that sandstones tend to break along the planes providing the straight edges and particularly in areas where there is tectonic activity as prevalent in the area. Moreover such critics have pointed out that the monument is carved out of a single stone and it would not be possible to move such a huge stone from one place to the other.

On the otherhand there are many Japanese scholars and researchers who have tried to prove that Yonaguni Monument is indeed a marvel created by man in ancient ages. Such scholars feel that the Monument was created some 10,000 years ago. It was a ceremonial centre for the ancient civilization and it went underwater when ice started melting after the last Ice Age. Many Stalagmite caves that can only be found on land can be seen in the waterbed near Ruyuku Islands. Thus the placement of this monument can definitely be held to be on land. In the recent times many skeletal remains have been unearthed from the Ruyuku Islands that dates back to 32,000 years ago. Thus the timeframe of this monument is very much acceptable.

Collage of Pictures from Different Parts of Yonaguni Monument

Moreover, on later visit of Yonaguni Monument archaeologists have recovered some tools that may have been used to chisel out the rocks. Some ancient paintings and writings are also evident on the body of the monument. Another aspect sited by the man-made theorists is the presence of an angled stone within this monument that resembles the face of a human.

So it definitely seems that the man-made theorists are suggesting some relevant instances. But why is there a controversy still raging? If we accept that the monument was built by a civilization 10,000 years ago that will lead to new history books been written. It will definitely outdate all the western civilizations.

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