Mingle Information with Promotion with Newsletters

Newsletters are seen as a dormant form of online promotion. Though I get many newsletters in my mailbox everyday but I am highly dissatisfied by the content in them! It seems the marketers have forgotten that “news” is in the name of newsletters itself and people will not pay a heed to them unless there is some information of interest. Going all out in promotion with newsletters seems to be the call of the hour. Some companies even send pictorial newsletters to the inboxes of their prospective clients where there is no content at all. This is highly disturbing. Newsletters can fetch rich rewards when they are done in the way they should be.

Present Newsletters Bereft of Any News

Newsletters should ideally cater latest news in the sector you belong to. They should bring the news of the sector into the inbox of your e-mailing list and make them educated. But with the current trends in newsletter promotion it seems there is only one thing the marketers want, to beat their own drum. Human psychology does not work in this way. Your newsletter will only be read through and taken a note of if you furnish facts that are interesting.

As a marketer you would ask me what the profit of newsletter promotion then is. All news will not bring out the bright aspects about your company? So you have to take a middle path promote but in the disguise of information. Could not get it? Let me explain. You have ample space and scope in newsletter writing. A newsletter can include many articles or blogs merged together. So why not use the space to make the readers aware about the sector you are dealing. The first article might be on a general topic regarding your sector, while the second one may be on latest news in your sector. Third one might be an independent assessment of the sector, more like the Editorials in newspaper or magazines.

Example of Ideal Format for Newsletters (for better view click on the image)

So we are done with the left pane of the newsletter and here we have not tried to promote the company at all. But in the right pane we shall promote the services and products of the company. Now that you have caught the attention of the mail receivers tell them from where they are receiving such valuable information. You may start with a short write up about the company. Follow it up with shy your company is worthy of buying products or services. Also tell the products or services your company offers to the clients. Finally provide your company’s contact information.

And you are done as a writer. You can now check for grammar or typo errors in the document and send the documents to designers for decoration. This is the best way to promote yet stick to the basics of newsletter writing.

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