Why were Band of Holes in Pisco Valley Made?

By now many of you must have known the strange drawings known as Nazca Lines in Peru. Another history’s mystery lies in Peru itself. These are a large number of holes that are found on a plain known as Cajamarquilla. There are thousands of man sized holes which stretch across miles on the mountainous terrain. These holes have been carved into barren rocks. No one noticed the presence of such uniformly created holes before the advent of commercial airlines in the area. No one really knew who made these holes or what was their purpose?

A Close Up of Strange Pisco Valley Holes

The holes are perfect and have been created with perfection. Some rows of holes form arches when seen together while others form straight lines. While the completed holes are 6-7 feet deep there are other incomplete holes left in the area. There are nearly 6,900 holes found in the area. Researchers have found that these holes were created for some special purpose. May be the holes were drilled to get the precious metals found underground. But if this is the case then why are the holes so uniformly and precisely created?

Satellite Images of Pisco Valley Holes

Another group of researchers point out that the holes were created to store the grains. If this is the case then there should be some remnants of these seed grains in the holes. Such remnants have still not been discovered. In the other parts of Inca Civilization seed grains were stored in a vault. There was a separate building created for their storage as they were very important for the tribesmen. So these holes do not quite match these descriptions thus they are not the storage cellars of ancients Incas.

Another Shot of the Pisco Valley Holes

Third point of view regarding the purpose of these Pisco Valley Holes is that they were created to bury common people. They were burial chambers, again recent research does not testify to such an occurrence. If these were the burial chambers there should be some precious stones, gems, jewellery or even personal belongings found in these Band of Holes. Even if we assume that these precious items were stolen from the graves, then too there should be remnants of the human buried in these chambers. There is no sign of any skull, skeleton, teeth or even a strand of hair inside these holes. If you consider it logically why would the ancients bury a person on a slope of rocky soil at an angle of 45 degrees?

The northern part of the Band of Holes is unnaturally dark as if any explosion took place at this place. The satellite images when compared with the images of Machu Picchu bear signs of an ancient city. Though the actual purpose of these holes has still not been deciphered but they were a part of an ancient city and had some deep significance.

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