Baigong Pipes: What Mystery Lies within them?

Metallic pipes are not a mystery in today’s date; they are common place in modern civilization. But what if the pipes were found in a uninhabitated area and they dated back to many thousands or years ago? Now that is mysterious. In 2002 a group of scientists who were looking for fossils of Dinosaurs landed up in a pyramid shaped hill and found dozens of iron pipes all through the area. The pyramid and caves are located in the Qinghai Province of China in the Tibetan region on Mount Baigong.

Close View of the Baigong Pipes

The area is inhospitable to tell the least. But the people in the nearby vicinity of Delingha (a city in the northwest area) have claimed they heard about these mysterious pipes for many generations. There is no strong explanation for the presence of these pipes other then they were laid by aliens. Indeed the time line for the pipes strengthens their claims.

The Baigong pipes are 16 inches in diameter and stick out of caves’ walls as well as from the ceiling and floor. Most of the pipes are clean of any debris. Carbon dating and other tests conducted on the pipes date them back to thousands of years. These pipes are around 150,000 years old which predates human existence by 100,000 years. They are made of silicon dioxide, iron oxide, calcium oxide in a ratio of 8%.

Landscape with Iron Pipes near Baigong

Te researchers have been divided into three groups regarding the presence of the Baigong Pipes. One group believes that these pipes were created naturally, while another group says that they were planted by some advanced civilization for come astronomical purposes. But the common belief is that they were planted by the aliens for some special purpose.

Piece of Baigong Pipe used for Research

Problem with the theory sited by the second group of researchers is that these pipes have outdated human civilization and there are no solid traces that there was human civilization before the deluge. Scientists supporting that the pipes were made by the natural causes claim that natural water or volcanic material flowing over the sandstones could have resulted in the formation of such pipes.

But the truth of their existence is still an uncertainty. Chinese government has posed obstacles in the path of studies conducted on these pipes.

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2 thoughts on “Baigong Pipes: What Mystery Lies within them?

  1. In the early 1980s I passed through there, there is no way anyone who has visited the site would opine that the pipes are a result of nature. Why does everyone think of aliens as the builders? Open your mind. Do not be so narrowed minded to think the first intelligent people to inhabit the earth is the present day civilization. Many people’s have lived on earth for thousands of years most civilizations have been wiped out by natural disasters
    Some of the lineage of thought to be people’s are still hear with a high intelligence

  2. These are just fossilized trees: “The most recent researchers to examine the pipes believe that the metallic phenomena are in fact fossilized tree root casts, the rusted tubes being the result of tree roots that underwent the processes of pedogenesis (the process that forms soils) and diagenesis (transformation of soil into rock). Further experiments confirmed that the pipes contain organic plant material and even microscopic tree rings. Overflow from an extinct lake once carried these roots to where they stand now.

    So while they aren’t part of an alien sewer system, the pipes are evidence of the Earth’s ability to create strange and remarkable objects.”

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