Did Cambodia have a Population of Dinosaur as Recent as Few Hundred Years?

Scientists all over the world have suggested that dinosaurs were wiped out from the Earth millions of years ago. While some suggest that a large meteor hitting Earth’s surface was the true cause others feel it was the global climate change that brought about their extinction. While a large group of scientists felt they had been entirely wiped out from Earth, a small fraction felt they could have survived in some of the remotest areas of the world in the dense forests. The claims of this small fraction were blown away.

Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia

But recent pictures of the Ta Prohm Temple in the dense jungles of Cambodia seem to testify the belief of this small fraction of scientists. The Prohm Temple in Cambodia was constructed during the Khmer Civilization which had its glorious days between 800 AD and 1400 AD. There are many intricate carvings within this temple. And guess what these carvings contain? They have clear and distinct images of the Stegosaurus. People of Khmer Civilization might never have heard of the dinosaurs and if these creatures were truly extinct they might not even have seen them. Modern day scientists were able to decipher the features of the Stegosaurus with the help of 3D animation on the bones unearthed from various places of the Earth. But the Khmer Civilization did not have such technologies.

Image of Stegosaurus Etched in the Walls of the Temple

Earlier many researchers had blown away these carvings as recent addition to the temple. But samples and results of extensive research show that these were etched during the Khmer time period. The findings clearly indicate that the Stegosaurus was found in the dense jungles of Cambodia before the Khmer Civilization grew. Most stories among the natives suggest that the population of such beasts was less in number. May be the slow moving Stegosaurus was hunted by the local tribes and became extinct in the region with a span of time. Villagers in the vicinity of the temple claim that their ancestors had seen the Stegosaurus.

Stegosaurus - Slow Moving Creatures from Jurassic Age

Thus the dinosaurs did not become extinct all at the same time some migrating fractions lived on in the remote places of Earth such as the jungles of Cambodia.

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