Zone of Silence in Mapimi Deserts

There are some sites on Earth which are solely known for their mysterious behaviour. Mexico is famous for its magical Zone of Silence. It is located just a few hundred miles from El Paso in Texas. There is a patch of four hundred miles in the middle of the deserts where no radio or TV signals work. It has been associated with the UFO phenomenon as well. The unusual properties of this tract of land have been famous among the nearby villagers from mid-nineteenth century. Some of them had even reported that hot pebbles fell upon the earth from clear skies at this location. It was a forbidden site for the people. In the 1930s there were reports that radios ceased to function in this forbidden place. The place came into public light in the 1970s when an American missile went off course and landed in these deserts of Mexico.

Zone of Silence marked along the highway

The nearest settlements to the Zone of Silence are a ragtag community named the Ceballos. The community members had known about this unusual place for many centuries and avoided it. Research into the area after the 1970s exposed that not only radio and TV signals but even the satellite and microwave did not work at the place. The researchers quickly named this place as the Zone of Silence. At present there is extensive research going in the place. Many natural abnormalities have been found at the Mapimi deserts of Mexico. There are high levels of magnetite found in this area.

Zone of Silence in the Mapimi Deserts of Mexico

Scientists have also reported that the deserts are hot bed for meteorites. The surface has some secret magnetic properties. Studies are going on to determine whether the magnetic properties in the area are result of magnetic ores buried underneath or a result of contamination caused by thousands of millions of years of meteorite bombardment upon this place. If the place has natural magnetic properties it could be a result of the iron rich objects landing from space at this remote location on Earth.

Zone of Silence is a Hot bed for meteors landing

Some of the theorists have sighted the location of the Mapimi Deserts as the cause of such abnormal behaviour. It is located just North of the Tropic of Cancer and has the same geographic coordinates south of the 30th parallel as Bermuda triangle. Further it has been revealed that the region was once at the bottom of the sea and has been named as The Sea of Thetys. There have been many unusual incidences seen in the area such as floating orbs, burning bushes, strange lights, flying saucers and even alien encounters. The nearby dwellers have reported that the night sky is often lit up by strange lights and alien spacecrafts land on the middle of the desert causing the bushes to catch fire.

Zone of Silence on the Map of Mexico

Some observers have even reported encounters with strange humanoid creatures. One of the ranch families saw a trio of blonde, long haired human like creatures, two males and a female who spoke perfect Spanish. Another researcher was lost in the middle of the desert and was shown the way to the research centre by the same trio. But none of the stories could be proved by any hard existence. Thus there remains a cloud whether these sightings are true or a work of human imagination.

Whatever may be the true cause Mapimi deserts known as the Zone of Silence are a weird place to tell the least. None of the modern technologies work at this place.

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