Search for the Secret Tomb of Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is known in the history books as a bloodthirsty and ruthless king. But he had united the feuding tribes of Mongolia and created the largest empire in the world. He led many successful invasions some of them were against Caucasus, Kara-Khitan Khanate, Jia and Western Xia dynasties. In all these invasions his army plundered and slaughtered people at large scales. Before his death he had expanded the Mongolian empire to substantial portions of China and Central Asia. There are many reasons cited for his death. While some scholars say he died after injuries suffered in battle, others claim he fell from a horse or had pneumonia. But the real reason for his death was injuries suffered while having sexual intercourse with the Tangut princess whom he had taken as war booty. The princess had placed pliers in her vagina and this injured the great king. He had pneumonia in his last days due to this injury.

Genghis Khan or The Great Khan

According to the legend the mortal remains of Genghis Khan were brought to Mongolia and slaves were assigned to build the tomb of this great king. Once the tomb was completed the slaves were massacred, so as not to conceal its location to the general public. Some soldiers guarded the tomb, but after a few days these soldiers were also killed to provide utmost secrecy. It is learned that Genghis Khan had asked his associates to bury his body according to the Mongol customs. According to these customs the dead body was left in the open to be fed by animals or tied to the back of a horse and sent to vast Mongolian plains. But there is a definite mention of tomb being built to place the body of the Great Khan. May be the administrators wanted to treasure the body of their great leader. Many legends also claim that there were vast treasures placed within the tomb. This has led many treasure hunters to look deeply for Genghis Khan’s tomb.

Genghis Khan led his armies to many famous victories

There are many places that the researchers are pondering as the possible burial site of Genghis Khan. One amongst them is Kherem which is about 200 miles from the capital and close to his birth place. Other sites are Kerulen and Unon rivers as well as Burkhan Khaldun Mountain. But many places in Mongolia carry the name Burkhan thus finding the exact site in question is a tough task. Further the task has been made stiffer as there is little factual evidence about his death or burial. According to a story soldiers were sent to trample and delete any marks that would lead people to the tomb of Great Khan. What is known to the researchers is that the grave of Genghis Khan laid some place near his birthplace in Khantil Aiimag which is placed beside the Onon River. Some even believe the grave sites of his sons and other family members were also placed by his site.

River Onon for now seems to be the Final resting Place of Genghis Khan

But what was the point of hiding the grave from public eyes. Some researchers point out that the confidentiality orders were given by Genghis Khan himself to his sons. The reason can be traced back to the Mongol and Chinese chronicles, wherein there is ample evidence of enemies desecrating the graves of the enemy leaders. Some scholars even feel that the body of Genghis Khan was buried in the riverbed of Onon River. The soldiers created a dam routing the water to another direction. The slaves built a magnificent tomb in the vacant place. Then the body was placed and the blockage was lifted so that water could wipe off any traces of the burial site. Thus it can be held that Genghis Khan rests in peace in the depths of Onon River.

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One thought on “Search for the Secret Tomb of Genghis Khan

  1. Unfortunately, in the official history there are many pro-Chinese falsifications about the “wild nomads”, “incredible cruelty of nomadic mongol-tatar conquerors”, and about “a war between the Tatars and Genghis Khan” etc.
    So probably not there looking for the tomb of Genghis Khan – that’s it, and cannot find it. Very most likely, it is in other part of Eurasia. Like most of the descendants of Genghis Khan and his
    native nation, living now among the Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Tatars, Uighurs and other Turkic peoples. Read a book “Forgotten Heritage of Tatars” (by Galy Yenikeyev) about the hidden real history of Tatars and their fraternal Turkic peoples.

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