Who Created the Ica Stones?

Ica Stones are a collection of over 15,000 pre-Columbian artefacts or carved glyph rocks. These rocks were found in a cave near the coastal desert city of Ica in Peru. Ica is a small city located 300 kilometres from Lima. In the 1960s a farmer found a huge collection of carved rocks in a cave close to the Nazca Lines. While some lay in the open others were buried slightly underground. He started selling these rocks to the tourists and earned a fair amount. But soon the news of these carved and designed rocks reached the Peruvian authorities and they took up the case. The farmer was arrested and he got free only after confessing that these rocks were drawn by him. But in recent times there have been extensive studies on these unusual rocks.

Collection of Ica Stones

Though many people were silenced by the claims of the farmer but Dr. Cabrera who had bought piles of stones calculated that if the farmer had to draw so many stones it would take him 40 years to come up with a stock as he had. But the farmer was much younger. So he had a clue to start the research. The Ica stones are available in various sizes from the small ones which can be held within the palms to as big as the size of a dog. There are beautiful images carved on the surface of the rocks. These images have been carved using a continuous line. Alongside the images there is a sort of dark varnish which has been caused by ageing of the rocks. This dark varnish bears witness that the stones were carved much before our times. The rocks are Andesite, which are volcanic rocks ranging black to grey in colour. This is a very hard rock and it is very difficult to carve through these rocks as there is hard mineral within them.

City of Ica where these magnificent stones were unearthed

Laboratory tests have confirmed that incisions on the Ica Stones are very primitive. Some of the bones excavated from the nearby areas date back to millions of years. Though there were no organic materials found on the stone to help in radiocarbon dating but the black varnish on the surface of the stones have been caused by minute organisms. Such organisms will need the stones to be thousands of years old. While etching the rocks the artists should have removed all the varnish, but the formation of additional varnish suggests that the rocks date to a long time back.

Dr. Javier Cabrera who has a large collection of Ica Stones

The Ica Stones come with drawings on various subjects such as social sciences (races of humans, nature), geography (lost continents) and some prophecies (knowledge of global catastrophies). Though the maps etched on these stones showed a ‘weird configuration of the world’ but angles and land masses in it looked familiar. When current computer projections were done for these maps, geologists confirmed that they provided accurate description of the world some 13,000,000 years ago during the pre-stone ages.  Peru has been a mystical land with multiple UFO sightings reported every now and then. Thus many theorists confirm that the Ica stones were created by aliens and humans together. While other theorists state that the Ica Stones bear testimony to artistic skills of the pre-stone age humans.

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