The Strange Case of The Taos Hum

Taos is small town in New Mexico having a population of 4,700 residents. A strange phenomenon has been reported by the residents of Taos. They hear a strange humming noise which resembles the sound of an idle diesel engine being left running. There have been thorough investigations conducted upon the source of this sound but it has not yielded any tangible results. The noise is weird as the people can not eradicate the noise even after putting on the ear plugs. The noise seems to be louder inside the rooms than outside. While some people have complained they hear it all the while others hear it at intermitent intervals.

Taos in New Mexico well known for its Humming Sound

Locals have stated that this humming sound began about 20 years ago. When the local researchers found no solution for their problem they contacted the United States Congress in 1993 to help them out. In 1997 investigations started into the source and reason of this strange humming sound. The investigators started out by interviewing many of the local people affected by the Taos Hum. They found that this sound caused dizziness, nose bleeding, irritations, and many other symptoms of sleep disorder. Many locals believed that the hum was a result of the secret military installations or government projects run in the nearby areas.

Taos Hum causes many health problems

The investigators differed in their explanation of the Taos Hum. While some felt it was caused by electromagnetic waves caused by the meteors others attributed it to the signals sent by the base to the submarines. Another strange fact about this humming sound is that women hear this sound more than men. Some people do not hear the sound at all. There were many other questions that came to the forefront such as why the sound is heard in this exact town only? What is the true cause of this noise? Why did this noise start 20 years ago?

Humming sound captured by the investigators

Many feel that some advanced technology being used today is the cause of Taos Hum. Others have found supernatural attributes to this strange phenomenon. While there are others think there is some conspiracy involved that is keeping the true findings hidden. As a matter of fact the infamous town of Roswell where a flying saucer is supposed to have crashed in 1947 is close to Taos. Many UFO sightings have been reported in the nearby areas but they have been covered up by the US government. Some feel that the “Trinity” atom bomb test conducted in 1945 triggered this humming sound.

Some experts have commented that auditory nervous system in the human body can create a humming sound known as tinnitus. But question remains why people at an exact location hear this sound? Moreover people having the tinnitus disorder can also hear and distinguish the sound clearly. Another scientific theory states that the sound is created by hot gases which move beneath the earth. This causes vibrations and sounds. But this is also a speculation. But till date there has been no proper explantaion for this mysterious phenomenon.

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