Who was the Strange Babushka Lady?

John F Kennedy the thirty fifth President of the United States of America was assassinated on November 22, 1963 when he was travelling in a motorcade along with his wife. In the days following the assassination of JFK investigators relied on statements by the spectators and people who were filming when JFK’s motorcade was passing through. The movies and films were sent to the labs for development as they would be used as evidences to find out what really happened that afternoon. Though the films and photos were not of the highest quality but they would prove very circumstantial nonetheless. Many photographers had fled the spot once the shots rang out. Most of the people in the crowd were not sure as to which direction the shots were being fired from. Everyone scattered to find safe places.

Mysterious Babushka Lady

There was too much of conflicting information provided by the statements of the onlookers and shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald (the prime suspect) added to the confusion. So the investigators eagerly waited for the photographs and movie footage to arrive. They did not know back then that the photographs would bring forth another mystery. Several photographs showed a woman with a supposedly camera in front of her face pointing towards the President’s motorcade even as the shots were fired. She is seen standing at the best vantage point, very close to the motorcade. She is seen wearing a scarf of light brown colour. This head scarf has earned her the name Babushka Lady in reference to similar scarf worn by the Russian grandmothers known as Babushkas. Though she is seen in many photographs but the closest view of the lady is found in the movie shot by Marie Muchmore.

John F Kennedy shot in his motorcade

All the investigating officials were surprised how the lady moved so close to the motorcade. Further, they were interested in seeing the photographs or movie that Babushka Lady had taken. Another interesting thing observed about the Lady was that while everyone else was running when the shots were fired this Lady continued filming the procession. Soon FBI started interrogating everyone in the vicinity of the incident. But the woman better known as babushka Lady never came forward. She was in the best position to provide incredible proof for the incident. Later on a Dallas film developer that he had developed a single colour slide which was somewhat blurry. The description of the photos could be taken from a location where the Babushka Lady was standing.

Beverly Oliver who claimed she was the Babushka Lady

However, in 1970 the trail of Babushka Lady came to an end when a woman named Beverly Oliver claimed that she was the Babushka Lady. Oliver claimed that her camera had been confiscated by the FBI on the day of incident and it was never returned. Though FBI thought they had solved the mystery but when Oliver identified the camera she had been using it was found that this model came into existence many years after the assassination. Many witnesses also confirmed that Oliver was seen nowhere close to where the Babushka Lady was standing. Analysis of the photos further suggested that the Babushka Lady was much older and healthier than Oliver.

This mysterious woman never came forward though over the years many theories have been suggested over her hiding.

4 thoughts on “Who was the Strange Babushka Lady?

  1. In the very first line, there should be a period behind the initial “F” in Kennedy’s name. Also, put a comma behind the word “Kennedy.” And, put a comma behind the word “America.” Lastly, the words “thirty fifth” really should be converted to “35th.”

  2. She looks far too young to have been the babushka lady. I would have to agree the woman looks much older, but even then the photos are rough… she kind of looks like she could be a man. I ran into this while trying to find out what the conspiracy was behind her. It isn’t possible that she was related in anyway to the Kennedy’s? They were driving on the street, and the street was full of people, maybe she didn’t hear the shots, or she thought it was a moment in history she would need to document? Pretty interesting no matter what.

  3. i think it was not a lady!!!…but a man dressed up like a lady, to throw off whoever was watching …which was the whole country, and she was very covered up for such a nice day out!!

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