Mysterious Skeletons from the Skeleton Lake

Roopkund is a glacial lake situated high in the Indian part of Himalayas. This lake is also popularly known as Skeleton Lake. The lake is more than 16,000 feet above the sea level and is nestled in a valley with steep sides. No one can inhabit in this area, even passing through the area can prove fatal for normal human beings. However, in 1942 a forest guard stumbled across the Skeleton Lake. There were numerous human skeletons found in the lake. When the locals were asked about this strange incident they reported about knowing beforehand. Soon many researchers started the quest to find the true origins of these skeletons. Many speculated that war was the direct cause of these dead skeletons. But intensive study of the skeletons revealed that they were much older then they appeared at first glance.


Skeleton Lake, Roop Kund

Studies on the skeletons found in the Skeleton Lake brought to the fore that these skeletons did not belong to the modern era. They had been lying in these forlorn valley for many centuries. There were more than 200 skeletons found near the lake and many more in the depths of the lake beneath the soil. None of the studies proved conclusive in providing details about the origins or death causes of these skeletons. Most popular theory about these skeletons is that they had died of some virulent disease, famine, natural disaster or massacre. But in 2004 a viable cause was cited for these skeletons death.


Piled Remains found near Skeleton Lake

The dates of the skeletons in the Skeleton Lake date back to 850 AD. Researchers feel they belong to a group of travelers. The possessions found with the skeletons do not bear evidence of any settlement. So they have been best described as travelers. But why were they travelling through such a gruesome place? The reasons have still not been deciphered. But they may not have been travelling any place close to the Roopkund, rather their skeletons were brought to this place by glacier movement.


Ancient Skulls found near Skeleton Lake

Another interesting fact about these skeletons is that all of them have evidence of injuries. They have injuries caused due to force applied to head and shoulders. On close inspection the wounds seem to have been inflicted by round objects. These injuries may be the exact cause of their death. Though the injuries are not similar to wounds caused in war, so they may have been caused due to trauma caused by a hailstorm.


Though the idea of so many people being killed by a hailstorm sounds strange. But their possessions had nothing that could protect them from harsh weather. There are no shelters that could shield them. Furthermore the skeletons seem to be protecting one another (which is suggested by their wounds). Most of the skeletons have severe wounds while others do not have even scratches. So there are plenty of questions that go unanswered about the skeletons in the Skeleton Lake.


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