When it Rains Fishes in Honduras

Honduras is a small country located South of Mexico in Central America. Extensive population of this nation is Roman Catholics. Natives of the land still believe in miracles. There is definitely something mysterious happening in Departmento de Yoro in Honduras. It is known as the Lluvia des Peces or the Rain of Fishes which is a phenomenon happening for more than 100 years. The Rain of Fishes happens typically in spring or early summer. When the dark storm clouds gather in the area and it starts raining heavily there is a notion that it rains fishes from the skies above. The downpours of three hours cause this phenomenon. After the rain ceases thousands of fishes are found on the ground. Though it seems strange but many locals as well as National Geographic researchers have confirmed the phenomenon.

Yes it rains fishes in Honduras

According to the local legends Lluvia de Peces has been termed as a miraculous answer to the prayers of father Jose Sabirana. During the mid 1800s the area suffered from extreme poverty. Father Sabirana was a visiting missionary and he prayed so that people could have ample food to meet their hunger. God answered by raining fishes in Departmento do Yoro. And the rain of fishes has been going on ever since. In 1970s a team of National Geographic researchers set their foot in Honduras to investigate this strange incidence. They found that the fishes were not from the local waterways, they were fresh water fishes rather than salt water ones. So the fishes should have come from lakes, ponds, streams or rivers. Another find by the team was that all the fishes belonged to the same species. Thus the theorists concluded that the fishes had come from underground rather than raining from skies.

Thousands of fishes are found on the ground after the shower

There is a lot of sense in the underground theory as there are no sources found for the appearance of fishes on ground after the storm and rain. Many species of fishes do tend to get on ground during storm and rain. Another theory suggests that wind carries the fishes from the ocean and drops them onto the land. The problem with this theory is that the ocean is about 200 miles away from Departmento. This would mean that the wind would have to carry more than thousand fishes over 200 miles from the ocean at the same time every year, during the same months and to the same location.

Though there have been similar incidents reported in other parts of the world too but the Rain of Fish has been confirmed by many experts. It takes place yearly. So may be miracles really do happen in Honduras.

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