Myths Busted: Giant Skeletons Discovered in India and Saudi Arabia

There are many myths about giant sized men in various writings from the ancient times. It seems some of them are true. There was gas exploration conducted in the south east region of the Arabian deserts. It uncovered the skeletal remains of a human of phenomenal size. This skeleton was discovered in the Rab-Ul-Khelee region. It stated in the Quran that God created people of phenomenal size which he had never created before. They were the people of Aad. These people were given a lot of powers, but they started misusing the powers. They turned against God and his prophet and often intervened the path of God. So God destroyed them. Ulemas in Saudi Arabia believe that the remains belong to these mythical people of Aad. Though the Saudi military had secured the place but some photographs leaked out.

Giant Skeleton unearthed in Saudi Arabia

Another gigantic skeleton was found in India by an exploration team. In the Indian mythology it is mentioned that Brahma created people of phenomenal size which he had never created before. These men were tall, powerful and very big. They could put their arms around the trunk of large trees and uproot them. They were created to bring order to Earth and stop people from fighting each other. Bhima who is mentioned in the Indian epic Mahabharata was one of the God sons of Brahma and had similar powers. The skeletons unearthed bear resemblance to such descriptions. They are large beyond recognition.

Giant Skeleton discovered in India

Another incident during the 2004 tsunami that effected India and Sri Lanka adversely. There was a giant skeleton washed ashore by the tides. It was one of the largest ever seen skeletons. Closer inspection of the skeletons revealed that each one of these were thousands of years old and some even dated back to the prehistoric ages. It seems that giants did infact stroll on this Earth and all the myths were not fictitious.

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26 thoughts on “Myths Busted: Giant Skeletons Discovered in India and Saudi Arabia

  1. If you read the book of Enoch the fifth generation from Adam it tells about these Giants how they became cannabals eating raw flesh and blood. The book of Enoch is available on the internet free. These Giants were the children of the 200 angels that took them wives from the daughters of men sinning against God. Their giant children were then called evil spirits. Read all about it in the book of Enoch which the Apostles mentions in their writings in the New Testament, but that book was left out of our Bible

  2. This myth should be true according to Jain religion in which it is said that the present ERA is pancham Kaal where the Human being height may go upto 7 Ft. But during the 4th Kaal.. or 3rd Kaal, human beings were of greater size..70 – 80 Ft. It is also said that in the next Kaal.. that is 6th Kaal…human being will get more shorter.. to 1 ft approx..

    • these myths are not real but giant humans are real. From this humans Veda Vyasa written mahabharata and Vatmeeki written Ramayana on their own imaginary…..then humans starts worshiping god from these story characters because they believe every thing that they hear

  3. This race is gone,they cut themselves out from the roots of life and they had to be destroyed. It happened with all great civilisations,lemurians were tall,atlanteans not much,but the same fate.
    Ocean of life is one,each single being is one drop in golden endless ocean,but if some part of them becomes dangerous for whole…it must be removed like disease from organism.This civilisation is killing its own home,we don’t have alternative like on Mars was,they had earth,we have no place to escape,so we should start care this planet,it’s only one

  4. All of the above comments are wrong or misleading…….!!!!!!!!
    As a Muslim I should make you remember that:
    When Hazrat Hud (A.S) told his people about oneness of Allah(GOD), They had done great mockery on them. These people use to live between the mountains and were very strong so they denied thats why Allah(GOD) had sent them punishment in form of winds that were from hell maybe because they very hot at their utmost conditions which at the first time make those people ashes and buried them into ground fiercely!

  5. Just believe the Holy Bible. It is the very Word of the living God. Every word of God is pure and true. Genesis 6:1-4 talks about these giants. See also Numbers 13:33 where it says “we were as grasshoppers in their sight.” These photos are simply verifying what the living God has already told us. The Bible is a living book from the living God. Read it to be wise. Obey it to be saved!

  6. all of the comments above were myths, but giant humans were real, and we should not mention our different gods like Allah or whoever else, if your religion is true then why the mummies were uprooted, and what about their belongings amongst them, did they used in the after life? i think that you praised false gods since you were born.

    be ware that there is only one living god mentioned in the bible
    M. UMat

    • Dear lawenforcer,
      Be ware?
      Maybe you should be less ignorant about monotheist religions. Allah isn’t a different God from the one in the Bible or the Torah. There’s only one God in Koran, dear. Pretty shocking, right? These three religions aren’t called MONOTHEISTS for nothing.
      And do not compare monotheist religions to mythology. Do you know how ridiculous you sound? Do you really think there’s a relation between Allah and the Egyptian Gods? Oh dear.

      You might want to take your ‘be ware’ to yourself and be informed about the world around you.

      Good luck.

    • If there is one living god as mentioned in the bible

      Where is this living GOD?

      And please dont tell me that a MAN (Jesus Christ PBUH) is GOD

  7. Be sure that Allah and the Almighty God is not the same, Allah came about long after the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the God of creation . The divide came through Hagar and the nation of Muslims derived from Ishmael as God first promised, they prosper only based on a promise that all Abraham seed would be blessed and nations would come of his children. Filled with dishonour and hatred Mohammed started the revolt against Israel for rejecting the first born of Abraham because Ishmael was rejected and did not inherit his wealth, or become the promise child in which the blood line of Christ would enter the world. Ishmael and his mother was casted out by Sarah because she realised she had made a mistake by offering her maid a bonds woman to her husband who was not the natural seed of the first marriage to Sarah as The almighty had promised. Sarah after her disobedience was with child with Isaac at the age of 100 and the word of the almighty was fulfilled. Hate of the truth provoked the two nations to fight for dominance but the Muslims has never ceased to provoke the truth about their fate and fight today in ignorance of it.

    • I wonder why the blog is titled as a myth and then it depicts a true event, only based on 3 “photos”. Carlaz, thanks for the refreshing truth!

  8. Carlaz states it correctly, but here I would like it extend it! If the individuals of different religions would investigate their religion as compared to the Bible, and read the whole Bible asking God before hand to open their eyes to the truth, they would discover the truth about the beginning of the world, the remaking of the earth to a livable condition, and then what happened thereafter to mankind in general. God had to sent His Word unto various individuals to tell of the things to come. There is a book out revealing all forth telling many years before it came true called “The Simple Book”.Hard to find but it is available on Amazon.
    I am sure that we all want the truth of the matter don’t we? So I say unto those that really are blinded to the truth, your destiny is not good for once you die there is the judgement, and without the truth you will not see the light anymore!

  9. One thing to remember, the Bible was recorded from word of mouth handed down through the ages, from one priest to another and what was said at first was misunderstood and interpreted differently from what it was originally to what we have today so what was seen back in the beginning was most likely forgotten so these Giants most likely were real.

    Check it out, tell a story to several people today and see how long it takes after a week to see the changes in the story like what happened to the Bible, truth.

  10. Religion has been created by the human mind. We should not love religion more than God.Religion causes division among the world population whereas true love for God, the creator, brings unity. Everything that relates to God is beautiful and brings peace of mind. Whichever God you pray to doesn’t matter. If there is divine love in your heart you will never hurt anyone, including animals, by your actions and words.

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