Dropa Stones: Sculpted by Aliens or Humans

In a series of caves near Tibet there lies some strange and mysterious artifacts among the graves of creatures belonging to the humanoid race. Many feel these artifacts tell a tale of aliens crashing in the Himalayas and then dying. But before dying these aliens seem to have buried their artifacts within the caves. China owns the Dropa Stones and so far they have resisted all attempts of research into the origins of these stones. Thus not much headway has been made into the details of Dropa Stones. In 1938 a group of archaeologists discovered several graves of the Dropa when they were exploring a cave system in Baian Kara Ula Mountains in the Himalayas. There were several rows of graves all containing the remains of humans or humanoids. There is controversy whether these corpses are humans or not because they are about four feet in height and long arms and legs relation to their body. The heads of these creatures is also large. The archaeologists first thought these was an ape graveyard. But then again apes do not bury their dead.

Dropa Stones on Display

Cave drawings of the sky found in the caves also aroused a lot of interest. When carbon dating was conducted on these drawings it was found they belonged to 10-12 thousand years ago. Dropas were a secret race. They did not reveal much. They were pigmy like people who are credited for creating the Dropa stones. The shape of the Dropa stones is quite unusual. They are not round like other stones they are disc shaped that are few inches to several feet in size. There are holes made in the centre of these stones. The holes have been curved immaculately and many feel they showcase the excellence of craftsmanship. 716 Dropa Stones have been found till date. If you thought that mystery ends here, you are quite wrong. Close examination of the Dropa Stones revealed that there were thin spiral text written on these stones. The text is very small and looks like grooves. Even on intensive studies of the text, the language could not be deciphered. It seems they have been written in unknown language.

Remains of a Dropa unearthed

Then for more than twenty years they stayed in the basement of Beijing University. Then in 1962 a Chinese researcher Dr. Tsum Um Nui claimed that he had deciphered the text and he claimed that the writings told about a story that a group of aliens had crashed into Himalayas. They met and learned to live with people of the Ham tribe. They lived with humans until they died. Ham and Dropa are two tribes that were found in the area. The physical features of this race were a mystery in itself. The average height of the people were 4 feet and their average weight was 38-52 pounds. They closely resembled (in their physical aspects) to bodies in the graves. If we believe the story then these people were the descendants of aliens. But then it seems too obvious that the Dropas could be short humans as well.

Dropa Cave Painting

Carbon dating on the discs or Dropa Stones claims that they are nearly 11,000 years old but the researchers believe that even though the stones are old but they are not as old as the paintings. There is also no evidence as to how the language could be deciphered and whether they were correct. Thus the Drpoa Stones continue to remain one of the intriguing mysteries of the world.

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3 thoughts on “Dropa Stones: Sculpted by Aliens or Humans

  1. has anyone notice the resemblance between the dropa stones and the photos and videos from outer space showing UFO’s in the upper atmosphere

  2. Occult researcher and Typhonian Adept Kenneth Grant discusses a Dropa rite and ritual sexual ceremony in his book ‘Outer Gateways’.

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