Plagiarism and its Implications in Content Writing

Plagiarism is one of the evil practices that has crept out at large in the SEO content writing industry. Search engines love sites that have ample relevant content. Getting high ranking in Google or other prominent search engines is the sole purpose of many online marketers. But it is not easy to develop great content every time around, that within a short span of time. It takes hours to research about a thing, topic or personality, but such a time is luxury for most content writers. So they have start finding shortcuts. And in their urge to improve productivity they often have to settle for content that is not satisfactory. When you do not have much time you will look to take reference from couple of articles. While experienced content writers can manage this task admirably the newbies might be tempted to copy from other places (either knowingly or unknowingly). Plagiarism under all circumstances is an evil practice that should be shunned. How would you feel if you have put in hours of effort and research to develop an inch perfect article and the next day someone copies your hard work blatantly and publishes it by his name? You will feel awful, won’t you?

Do not Copy because its effects would be harsh

That feeling should be kept in mind by all the content writers. As content writers you belong to a global family of Content Writing. You should respect others and work hard each time you have a content to develop. Use reference articles alright, but make sure only a fraction of information is taken as foundation stones. All the thoughts have to be self made. Some content writers feel cheating they can cheat the clients with a merely rephrased or copied content. But you are forgetting the articles will be posted in search engines and they have sophisticated plagiarism checkers in place. So there is no way out for the guilty. Once accused of plagiarism, your professional growth might be in shambles.

Onine world is a rich resource for information

Many have a misconception: why can’t content writers dish out original articles when the literature writers can do the same? You have to understand one thing, the literature are not bounded by a strict territory, they have a wide canvas to play with. While the content writers are bound by marketing purposes. Literature writers might focus on areas that they are comfortable with, or topics that they are well conversed to, but the content writers have to develop content about everything from wild African safari to cooking in a solar cooker. It is not easy to shell out high quality and original content every time.

Research and develop your original content

However Internet offers the biggest library that you will ever come across, you can get information anything and everything. Use the treasure house of information and learn as much as you can about any given topic or industry before you start. Don’t be awed by the experienced writers who can create quality articles within a short span of time. They had also spent time researching and knowing each and every sector before becoming confident writers. After you have written a content make sure you use a reliable plagiarism checking software (either online or offline) and get the content checked for any duplicates. If there are pecuniary changes required you can easily rephrase those parts. There are plenty of plagiarism checkers around.

Use quality plagiarism checkers

Plagiarism in content writing can be categorized into two types:

  • Copying a piece from some other writer entirely and publishing it by your name
  • Taking or copying ideas from a piece.

Both these types of plagiarism are harmful. So try to avoid them with your instincts as a content writer.

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