Kilstuitheen: The Ghostly Island

For many centuries now many coastal dwellers of west and north of Ireland have been reporting the appearance and disappearance of a mysterious islands. The eye witnesses are certain that it is not a mirage. As stated in the Irish folklore of County Clare there is a mysterious island beside Hy Brasil known as Kilstiffin, Kilstapheen or Kilstuitheen. This island has been described as having great riches that sank beneath the waves when the king was defeated in a battle. It has been reported that the sunken city and its church having a golden dome can be seen from the Clare Coast once every seven years. County Clare is situated in the province of Munster, Ireland. Researchers have proved that there was a Neolithic civilization in this area, though the name of the civilization and its people are not known but they have left ample evidence for their existence. There are single chambered megalithic tombs, consisting three or more upright stones. The remains of the people lying within the tomb have been excavated and carbon dating results relate them to 3800 BC.

Tomb of Conan Maol

According to the Irish legends there is a key which is hidden somewhere in Ireland which will raise the island from its grave in due time. People having witnessed the island have described seeing towers, churches, monasteries, and even on occasions horsemen. The location for the legendary key that would revive the island was thought to be beneath a megalithic monument on Mount Callan in the County Clare. It is also believed to be the tomb of an ancient warrior known as Conan Maol. The inscriptions on the monument’s cryptic caused a lot of interest among researchers. Many even travelled to Clare to the study the tomb. When Mr. Barton arrived at County Clare local people felt he was looking for the legendary key to Kilstuitheen. Whether or not he found any key remains unknown. The monument was soon removed in 1850 and further excavations only uncovered some bones and iron fragments.

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