Does the Great Mayan Treasure lie Beneath Guatemala Lake?

Is the famed Mayan treasure with its eight tons of gold lying in the depths of Guatemala lake? This lake has been held as the possible location for once prosperous Mayan capital. According to German mathematician Joachim Rittsteig this what the famous Dresden Codex suggests. Rittsteig is an expert in the Mayan hieroglyphics and for many years he has dedicated his time to studying the 74 page pre-Columbian text.

Dresden Codex: Source of Speculation for Mayan Treasures

Dresden Codex is the oldest known book in Americas. Though it was written in the Americas but how it made it across the Atlantic is a mystery. Some records suggest that Royal Library at Dresden obtained this 900 year old codex from a private owner in Vienna in the year 1739. There are various subjects discussed in this ancient codex such as astronomy, mathematics, religion, etc. But the book became very popular for its last chapter that predicts the apocalypse in December 21, 2012.

Lake Izabal supposed location for Atlan

Dresden Codex and many other Mayan texts have been deciphered over the centuries and today’s scholars are able to read 90% of the texts. Rittsteig claimed to have cracked a passage that states a Mayan capital known as Atlan and its demise in 666 BC due to a sudden earthquake. Atlan is claimed to have sank into the waters of Lake Izabal which is located in eastern Guatemala. The city sank with 2,156 golden tablets that were used by the people to record laws. Rittsteig further claims that the ruins of Atlan are visible from radar images of the region.

Rittsteig and his team of researchers have already started looking through the site and excavating the treasures (if it is there).

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