Great Grandmother of Jesus Christ Identified

Some manuscripts from the medieval times have finally identified the great grandmother of Jesus. These manuscripts are known as Florentine manuscripts. This manuscript throws a lot of light on the family of Virgin Mary and the values or traditions followed in Florence during that time. Jesus’ grandmother is a woman named Ismeria. There is very little said about Virgin Mary and her family in the Bible. She has often appeared as a shadowy figure alongside her son.


Great Grandmother of Jesus Christ has been Identified

Researchers believe that Ismeria belongs to Virgin Mary’s patrilineal lineage. She was the daughter of Nabon of Judea and belonged to King David’s lineage. She married Santo Liseo who was a religious person. Later on Ismeria had a daughter named Anne who married a person named Joachim. Ismeria’s husband Liseo died 12 years after their daughter’s marriage. After the death of her husband Ismeria was left penniless. Her husband’s relatives seem to have brought on such an ordeal.


Jesus' Family Lineage

She was left homeless and penniless for a while. She finally found refuge in a hospital. Here she is claimed to have performed a miracle by filling a shell with fishes so that all the patients in the hospital could eat. After performing such a miracle she prayed to God to take her away from the vainglory world. She was soon placed in Paradise. Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary were informed of her death by the hospital rector. They visited Ismeria with 12 Apostles, Mary Magdalene, Mary Cleophas and Mary Salome. She was also honoured as St. Ismeria.


Who was the writer of this manuscript is still not known. All that we know is some layperson wrote the records of Ismeria. She was seen as a role model for wifehood and charitable widowhood. It has been confirmed that she was a resident of Florence in modern day Italy.


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