The Real History of Kohinoor

Kohinoor or the Mountain of Light was the first word that escaped the mouth of Nadir Shah when he saw the diamond. In fact the Kohinoor has a spell binding aura and the Iranian invader could not avoid its charm. It is one of the heritages of India and it is a pity that our rare gem now decorates the crown of the Queen of England. The original shape and size of the Kohinoor have also been lost. The diamond was cut into two pieces – while one part is placed in the Queen’s crown, other part lies somewhere within the British treasury.

Kohinoor embedded in Queen of England's Crown

The history of Kohinoor is shrouded with deep veil of mystery. Kohinoor exchanged many hands before it landed up in the hands of the Brits. Though Kohinoor is known as Mughal Diamond, but one theory suggests it was found near River Godavari during the times of Lord Krishna. It belonged to the Mahabharata character, warrior Karna. But contradicting theories state that this diamond was found in the mines of Golconda while others feel Kohinoor came from the Kolar mines of Karnataka.

Kohinoor is the most coveted gem stone in history

The story of the Kohinoor is very marvellous too. The Kohinoor was possessed by the Rajas of Malwa for many centuries through their lineage. It passed on to Allaudin Khilji when he became the Emperor of Delhi in 1304. Kohinoor belonged to the following rulers of the Tughlaq and Lodhi dynasty. After the heydays of Delhi Sultanate the diamond was grasped by Timur in 1339 who took it back with him to Samarkhand. It remained nestled there for three centuries, until it was brought back to India by Babur who was a descendant of Timur. Some other records from those times suggest that the diamond was with the Raja of Gwalior who had managed to get it from the Delhi Sultans. He presented it to Humayun in 1526 after the Battle of Panipat. Another set of documents suggest that Kohinoor was with a diamond merchant named Mir Jumla who had discovered it from the Kolar mines and later presented it to Shahjahan in 1639. Though this theory is largely debunked.

Timur took Kohinoor out of the country to Samarkhand

Whatever might have happened before, it is confirmed that Kahinoor was a part of the loot that Nadir Shah took to Iran from India in 1739. He gave the diamond to his son Ahmed Shah Abdali of Afghanistan. It remained out of the country till Shah Shuja, the king of Afghanistan passed it over to Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1813.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh received the diamond as a token for rescuing Shah Shuja

There is a whole new story about how Kohinoor got to Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Ahmed Shah Abdali had three grandsons – Shah Zaman, Shah Shuja and Shah Mahmud who dreamt of becoming the next Emperor. But upon Abdali’s death the reigns passed over to his Shief Minister Wazir Fateh Khan who favoured Shah Mahmud. Mahmud in his turn blinded his brother Shah Zaman. Shah Shuja took over his blinded brother’s responsibilities. Soon he ousted Shah Mahmud and became the king of Afghanistan. But Fateh Khan was able to regain power and put Shah Mahmud back upon the throne. Shah Shuja lost his power but kept the Kohinoor and gifted it to his wife Wafa Begam. But Mahmud wanted the diamond and Shah Shuja was imprisoned in Kashmir. In her bid to rescue her husband Wafa Begam sought help from the Sikhs. She promised Maharaja Ranjit Singh that she would present him with the Kohinoor if Shah Shuja was returned safely back to her. Sikhs managed to rescue Shah Shuja albeit at the loss of many lives. After a little reluctance Kohinoor was handed over to Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Lord Dalhousie confiscated Kohinoor after victory in Second Anglo-Sikh war

After the annexation of Punjab following the second Anglo-Sikh war in 1849 Lord Dalhousie confiscated the property of the Sikh Empire. The Kohinoor fell in the hands of the British East India company. The diamond was sailed to Britain, never to return again, and presented to Queen Victoria.

Since then the Kohinoor has stayed in Britain despite of many claims by Indian government to hand over this rare diamond.

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45 thoughts on “The Real History of Kohinoor

    • Brits were crude but today through media a picture of nice Brits is being put forward. Brits were back biters and did careless for India or anything indian except mind their business to make Britain rich in physical possessions

  1. The Koh-i-Noor, meaning “Mountain of Light” in Persian., is a 105.6 metric carats diamond, weighing 21.6 gm in the most recent cut state, and once the largest known diamond. The Koh-i Nur is believed by some to have originated in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India together with its double,

  2. Frankly I am telling that the Govt. of India should try to return our national assets at any cost. by hook or crook.

  3. Acquisition of kohinoor is a sign of supremecy for the britishers.they take it as a pride . Why will they ever return it.No chance.

  4. British peoples you have stolen our great daimond that is kohinoor daimond so please if we come to you to have a look on the daimond show us the original one but not the duplicate and some words for my lovers of INDIA that the kohinoor daimond where ever it may be it is known as Indian kohinoor so let it be there only why because if bring it to India our politicians will not live that also ,,,,, they will sell that too for some amount of money proud to be an INDIAN

  5. indians are the lovers of kohinoor.if i become the PM i will definitely get it back.wooooooooooooooonderful diamond, to our country

  6. I fuckin hate the white albino dickheads that have oppressed everyone and taken everything for themselves. When are they going to be below everyone else as they always should have been given they are white due to a mutation resulting in the disorder called albinism and then propagated like fuckin rabbits. Give people back their history and heritage or the entire world, African Americans, Native Americans, Aboriginal Australians, Indians, Africans, everyone will revolt.

  7. cohinoor is an indian asset as per our history .britishier had snatched this dimond away from india .This is big true than universal truth.There is need kranty of patriot in indian blood to get this back to india at any cost / at any rate /by hook or crook.

  8. I personally believe that This is the sikh Heritage for which sikhs should struggle as it was the property of the last sikh emperor so as a sikh i believe one day person like Bhagat Singh will Come and get it back to India like we did to General Dier

  9. This belongs to India so we should take it back at any cost. I believe it will be stolen by some one and will not live with England even.


  11. Kohinoor was called as Syamantaka in Ancient Indian history. I believe its a gem that has seen history of India. Brits had it polished and cut in half as they thought it might reduce curse of diamond.
    Curse of Kohinoor goes like:-
    He who owns this diamond will own the world, but will also know all
    its misfortunes. Only God, or a woman, can wear it with impunity.

    Since the Kohinoor diamond came into possession of British royal family, it has always gone to the wife of the male heir to the British throne.

  12. You mean to say you know real story and rest of india tell lies. Every dynasty fought for kohinoor but ranjit singh got it for free. not to rescue shah shuja from his brother. do research then write

  13. The Koh-i-noor doesn’t belong to India! So stop saying give it back to India.

    The koh-i-noor belongs to SIKHS ONLY! there is no doubt about it. It belonged to Maharaja Ranjit Singh and this is the only way forward if it is to be returned it should be returned to Sikhs. But if Sikhs are given the koh-i-noor now it won’t be safe as the Indian (Hindu) Government won’t allow Sikhs to have it as the Indian Government are experts in killing Sikh minorities and have been doing so for many years. Sikhs have had to fight so much injustice and something that is rightfully ours should be given back to us- another injustice after not having our own country.

    Other religions and countries are greedy and wrongly asking for the koh-i-noor and the British clearly know they stole it from Sikhs so should return it back to Sikhs. Simple.

    British should keep the koh-i-noor safe for now and give it back to Sikhs once we Sikhs hopefully have our own country in the future.

  14. Really we should get it back from british but first we have to do everything what they did with us for almost 300 years including interest. And we should brought all the items and declare a war against them.

  15. Look guys do not get disturb that our kohinoor is not with us.. only remember 1 thing that history cannot be written again so, who ever will look the hostory of kohinoor they all will get know that the kohinoor is India’s property n about the return of kohinoor our PM has to try once…..

  16. The story is broken by firangi or foot dalo raaj karo aur mera mannaa hai ki KOHINOOR hi nahi ish desh ka aman aur SHANTI sung KOHINOOR le gaye LOOTERE

  17. The British will certainly not return it… along with the kohinoor they took away a lot of our riches, leaving us in a poor condition but i am sure we can show them that India can be the best without stealing diamonds from other countries…the fact that they still wont return it infuriates me.

  18. Kohinoor should stay with queen as the British did not take the diamond from India. Kohinoor and Dareanoor were given to Nader Shah of Iran by Indians. Dareanoor still is in iran. Why don’t Indians first ask for the return of Dareanoor from Iran? The most important monarch should keep it in her crown for ever.

  19. Across in World wherever the Kohinoor diamond is available. It’s called as “Indian Koh-I-Noor Diamond”. And My India is Great.

  20. I am Imran Ahmad, an advocate by profession. I am from the family tree of Ahmad Shah Abdali, so the Kohinoor should belong to me.

    From Lahore Pakistan

  21. Now, this case is underway. But it is very difficult to get back the Kohinoor, as there is no rule to bring gifts back. And the diamond was gifted to the queen of England many years ago.

  22. This is the time for the diamond to return home. Brits will get negative power from it, did brits have any Queen after Elizabeth? The answer is “no” thats because of negative power. Now, the Brits no more control Europe. They have been voted out by other nations. So wake up Brits, this negative power get worst. So return it to the natives.

  23. Why is everyone fighting for a diamond which is cursed…????
    If the Kohinoor enters India then first of all it will destroy ‘The UNITY OF INDIA’ as everyone will fight among themselves for it….
    Is it gud ot bad ?????
    And by taking our Kohinoor they can’t change its name I.e ‘THE KOHINOOR OF INDIA’
    And after all they’re showing how cheap they’re by stealing d property of others…..
    Many actors and politicians are going to file a complaint against queen Elizabeth…

  24. Why should British return it, it was a gift. Also, what will Indian government do with the diamond, sell it and buy themselves bunch of mercedes and airplanes? It’s now in a museum for public display as a treasure that anyone can see.

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