Oldest Massospondylus Embryo Brings Out Big Surprises

Massospondylus embryo reveals big surprises

A well preserved dinosaur embryo belonging to the species Massospondylus found near South Africa’s border with Lesotho has brought out some strange facts. Massopondylus were a species of dinosaurs that preceded Sauropods. The 190 million year old babies do not resemble their two legged parents. The 8 inch youngster had long front legs which meant they could walk on all four feet. The overall body proportion of this baby, especially the short snout made it appear like a dwarf version of Sauropod dinosaur. Research proves that the Massopondylus babies lost these traits as they grew older.

Massospondylus were one of the first creatures to roam on Earth

State of the embryo suggests that the babies were ready to hatch when an early Jurassic flood entombed them in sedimentary form. Though the babies were fully formed (even their little ear bones were developed) yet it was shocking to find that they did not develop teeth. Most other species of dinosaurs babies had the capacity to run and bite with sharp teeth as soon as they were born. This suggests that Massospondylus babies were raised by their parents which is again not a common phenomenon for dinosaurs.

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