Palenque Image: Space Traveller in Ancient Maya

Palenque Image is an ancient Mexican artefact. It was the lid of sarcophagus found in a pre-Columbian temple in Palenque. This image has given rise to a lot of speculation over the possibility of human’s contact with ancient astronauts in ancient times. This coffin cover has an elaborate design that shows a person piloting a sort of mechanical craft, which can be a spacecraft. Many scholars from ancient astronaut school of thought have cited this as an example of anomalies that make it difficult to explain the human past.


Palenque Image of a Space Traveller

In 1935 a stone structure that probably represents god Kukumatz was found in the old kingdom of Palenque. The mysterious Palenque image was carved on the lid of tomb belonging to K’inich Janaab’ Pakal. Pakal was the ruler of Maya population of Palenque in the Late Classic Period of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican chronology. During his reign of 68 years Pakal constructed various notable surviving inscriptions and monumental architecture found in Palenque. It is learned that Pakal ascended the throne at the age of 12 on July 29, 615 and lived till the age of 80. The name Pakal means “shield” in ancient Maya language.


Tomb of K’inich Janaab’ Pakal with the lid

Pakal’s tomb is a place of immense interest for “ancient astronaut” enthusiasts. But even normal people will find it hard not to stop and think after viewing this image. The image depicts a man sitting with upper part of the body bent forward like a motorcyclist racing, this vehicle can be identified as a present day rocket. The vehicle has a pointed front, then there are strangely grooved indentations such as inlet ports that widen out and terminate at the tail in a darting flame. The human crouching on the vehicle is using a number of controls and has heel of his left foot on a kind of pedal. He is wearing short trousers with broad belt, a jacket with a modern day Japanese opening at the neck and fitting bands on arms and legs. Though the head gear is missing but there is something similar to an antenna on top. He is depicted as a space traveller, he is not only bending forward but he is also looking intently at an apparatus hanging from his face.


Palenque Image on the Sarcophagus Lid

Earlier explanation of the Palenque image was that Pakal is descending into Xibalba or the Maya underworld. There are glyphs around the edges of the lid representing Sun, Monn, Venus and other constellations which can be located in night sky.


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9 thoughts on “Palenque Image: Space Traveller in Ancient Maya

  1. That’s the best illustration of early space travel ever. I’m pretty sure the surrounding borders tell a story we can only dream of translating. Wow to have been there and actually see this is mind blowing. As recently as 2013 many other carvings and illustrations were finally exposed to the public. With no electricity and artificial light all everyone did was look up to the skies at night. I cant imagine all the other sightings that were not documented.

  2. I also believe there are many others we thought to be spacecraft from other parts of the world.I seen sighting under hurricanes off the coast of Africa.Maybe they sail around the world still..They know how to use the hurricanes to go across the ocean maybe?

  3. Maybe this tomb off him is showing you what did.I think outside you might find the craft BURIED with these same markings on the tomb like they did in Egypt by the pyramids they found ships.Might look.

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