Three Cities of Valley of Pyramids in Peru

Peru is becoming the Pyramid capital of the world, not only does it have the oldest recorded pyramid in the world, but archeaologists are uncovering new pyramid complexes with every dig. Purgatorio is the name given to dozens of prehistoric pyramids that were found along the plains of La Raya Mountain, which is located South of La Leche River. The Lambayeque Valley has natural as well as man made waterways, it is also the region where numerous pyramids are found. There are no less than 3 pyramid cities which have a total of 250 pyramids. Researchers believe these three cities were built one after the other. When a city was abandoned people simply moved over to the next one.


Valley of Pyramids in Peru

The first known city out of the three is Pampa Grande which is supposed to have been built around 600-750 AD. In 700 AD the pyramid of Pampa Grande also known as Huaca Fortleza was built. This pyramid was fifty metres high and measured 200 metres wide. Though much of the original structure is still intact, but this pyramid is not visually impressive.

Pampa Grande: First City of Pyramids


The next pyramid complex was that of Batan Grande which was built around 750-1100 AD. This city comprises of 34 pyramids. Huaca de Oro (Pyramid of Gold) is one of the pyramids which lies in front of the royal tombs. The pyramids in this city have been badly eroded due to the El Nino rains in 1982 and 1998. But the biggest desctruction to this city was man made. Around 100 AD the Pyramid was burnt down and town abandoned.

Tucume: third City of Pyramids


Tucume, which was reared in 1100 AD and lasted till 1500 AD, is the successor and third city in the valley of Pyramids. This city covers an area of 540 acres and contains 26 major pyramids. It is a part of Lambayeque Valley, which is the largest valley in the North Coast of Peru. Locals feel gods once resided within these structure. There are various legends about this city including the onje recorded by Father Cabello de Balboa in 1586. This legend records how a grandson of Naylap, the founder of the Lambayeque royal dynasty, declared that Tucume would become the new metropolis for people. It is also noted that Cala was exiled from Batan Grande. The city of Tucume lies on southern margin of this valley and thanks to Taymi irrigation canal there is a plenty of fertile agricultural land surrounding the area. 


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