Operation Myth: Investigation to Validate Hitler’s Death

Death of Adolf Hitler is one of the leading mysteries of the world. Hitler is both a beloved and a hated figure to many till date. Thus there were many fingers raised to the manner of his death and when it actually happened. General consensus is that Adolf Hitler killed himself with a cyanide tablet and a bullet to the head on April 30, 1945. But the Soviet government was not sure of the facts surrounding the death of this great tyrant. So they launched an investigation and it was named “Operation Myth”. This operation looked to authenticate the bodies which were discovered when the Red Army invaded Berlin.

Chancellery Bunker where Hitler spent his last days


Actual fact known to the public is that on April 30, 1945 when the Red Army was attacking Berlin, the Fuhrer got so frustrated by his recent loses that he confined himself to a room in the underground bunker. He was hiding in this bunker named as Chancellery Bunker along with his wife Eva Braun (who was unknown as wife of Hitler for many years) and some other high positioned personnel of Hitler’s army. Eva Braun and Hitler retired to a room in the bunker and soon there was thud of the pistol heard. Both of them were claimed to have died then and there. Operation Myth simply wanted to verify these facts.

Red Army wave Soviet flag at Chancellery Gardens


It was reported that soon after the death of Hitler his loyal supporters took the bodies of the couple outside to cremate them, but they were not successful. They later took the bodies to Chancellery Garden and buried them. Soon the Soviet army marched onto the location. They discovered a corpse which was later detected as Hitler’s doppelganger Gustav Weller. On further search they found two more bodies. Firstly, the Red Army dismissed them as another hoax, but later they sent the news that Hitler’s body had been found. Though there were no forensic evidences but these two bodies were thought to be those of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun respectively.

Room in Chancellery Bunker where Hitler is supposed to have died


The Soviets sent out news that they had discovered the body of the Great Dictator. But only a few weeks later they again claimed that they did not have the body. In order to ascertain where Hitler had escaped or where his body was, Operation Myth was launched. The team interrogated about 800 peo9ple who were close to Hitler during the Spring of 1945.

Supposed Pictures of Hitler's Corpse


Hitler’s successor had claimed that Fuhrer had died while fighting in Berlin, but this is not believed by many. Investigation ascertained that Hitler had indeed died in the Bunker on the above mentioned date. They confirmed that Hitler had indeed shot himself in the right temple and his body was disposed off by his men. So the conclusion was that body unearthed by the Soviet army was that of Hitler.

Is this the Skull of Adolf Hitler?


Though the body unearthed from the Chancellery Garden had been buried and unearthed many times deteriorating its state. After close examinations of the body it was destroyed under orders from KGB leader Yuri Andropov in 1970. Before destroying the body there were some evidences of his body and suicide theory conserved. There us a bloodstained couch where Hitler supposedly sat before shooting himself and there is also a piece of the skull. But another astonishing fact came up when there were investigations conducted upon the preserved skull. This skull was confirmed as being that of a woman rather than Hitler.

So, it seems there were still some mysteries which Operation Myth could not uncover. 


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2 thoughts on “Operation Myth: Investigation to Validate Hitler’s Death

  1. THE SKULL YOU REFER TO, was tested and it was from a woman. It was NOT Hitlers. You should investigate this MUCH further friend!

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