Mysterious Obelisks of Aksum

No other place all over the world will you find so many obelisks so close to one another as in Axum in Ethiopia. Some of the obelisks are giants which are 20 metres long with the tallest reaching 24 meters. Though the tallest one has been ruined and now lies in 3 pieces. Experts believe that the 160 ton obelisk crashed down during its erection itself. These huge obelisks are found in the small town of Axum. Though there are some more obelisks scattered in the neighbouring regions of Axum but they are not as spectacular or big. Big obelisks have been decorated in such a way that they appear like entrance doors with an opening handle and some stories with windows. But these are fake and there are no doors or windows in these artefacts.


Giant Obelisks of Axum

In 1937 one of these giant obelisks was taken to Rome by the Italian army. But the obelisk was returned back to Axum in 2005 owing to a dispute between the two nations. These obelisks have existed in Axum for many centuries now. Some official sources claim that these obelisks date back to the 4th century BC, but there are no signs that sight the age of which ruler. The plausible explanation to obelisks is that the big ones were built during the reign of important kings and the small ones were erected to mark any nobility.


Obelisks having windows carved on it

If we take look at the Axum obelisks from the technical point of view there is something very mysterious. The doors and windows have been created with such sharpness that they could not have been carved. The rock used in these obelisks is known as nepheline syenite which is the originating form of Wuchate Golo that is located West of Axum. How could the primitive kings in Ethiopia do such carving with their iron tools? It is possible that some specific structures were made by some type of plaster.


Largest obelisk that crashed during its erection

There are obelisks erected on top of specifically designed bunkers. This is also very mysterious. Of course this were the graves of some important people but is it true? The upright stone positioned on top of the bunker is similar to the modern day launching platform for rockets.  Is it likely that the kings saw such a weird event and wanted to commemorate it with the obelisk? Axum obelisks are held to be signs marking the tombs of notable kings of Ethiopia, but there are no proofs of this fact. The giant obelisks are rather positioned on top of bunkers that resembles closely with launching platforms. There are many riddles surrounding how these obelisks were erected.


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