Mystery about Sandringham Company Vanishing

Year of this incident was 1915 and the Great World War had already started waging. It had been two years since the beginning of the war. An army of coalition forces consisting of Australia, British and New Zealand troops landed in Dardanells in Turkey. They were sent with a mission to attack the Turks. Among these coalition forces there were 250 men and 16 officers from the Royal Norfolk Regiment. There were grooms, servants and gardeners of the British Royal Family estate of Sandringham in Norfolk included in the regiment.


Coalition forces landing in Dardanells, Turkey

The incident we are referring here happened on August 12, 1915 in the height days of the battle. The incident was witnessed by many soldiers from the New Zealand company. At morning the Sandringham company was ordered to carry out an attack near Suvla Bay. Many eye witnesses describe that the company ascended the hills and began entering with a low lying cloud. Once the last person from the army entered the hill suddenly the cloud lifted. On watchers tried to look through to find the soldiers. By now the soldiers should have been clearly visible, but none could be seen. It seemed that the entire company had suddenly vanished.


Last Pictures of Vanished Sandringham Company

There is absence of proof to explain the real incident. Thus many authorities assumed that the soldiers were killed and buried under this short lived cloud cover, but this could be an extremely challenging task. The Turks on their part have denied such an accusation. Another explanation for incident could be that Turks had defeated them in such a short time and took them as war prisoners. But Turks have repeatedly stressed that they knew nothing about the company and had never made contact with them.

Company advancing towards Suvla Bay


Even till date there is no clarification on the incident. Not even a single survivor was found. Moreover, after the war ended none of the soldiers from Sundringham company were found in the list of war prisoners. It seems that the entire company had miraculously vanished off the Earth within a minute. Only logical explanations can be provided by supernatural or paranormal activity because there is no logical way to prove this incident.

4 thoughts on “Mystery about Sandringham Company Vanishing

  1. I feel you may be missing the point just a tad. Supernatural or paranormal activity is not a “logical” assumption where that’s the only possible explanation. I’d think you would want to rule out any other source first. For instance, consider that to this day the Turks deny committing genocide on the Armenians during the same time frame. They will vehemently screech at you if you dare bring it up…never mind that all the major world powers look at it and say, “Yep. Clear cut case of genocide.” So perhaps a documented incidence of turks lying combined with the ultimately high number of casualties suffered by the Turkish army, might it not be a possibility that they lie and/or the main turkish soldiers in the incident went on to die themselves before war’s end?

  2. My grandfather served at Gallipoli and survived. Over 1 million British and Commonwealth soldiers were killed during WW1. Half of them have no known grave…they ‘vanished’ too…

  3. Only 1 officer and 16 men from the Sandringham Company were missing/ killed that day, very light when compared to the usual horrendous slaughter . There is no mystery at all to this event

  4. After the armistice the remains of 180 bodies were found behind the Turkish lines bearing the insignia of the sanding ham men. mr Becks watch was found, however the news was kept from Queen Alexandra because she was considered to fragile to hear what had happened. It is believed on the evidence that the men died behind enemy lines. Nothing supernatural about it at all.

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