Is there a Link between Angel Hair and UFOs?

Angel Hair is a strange phenomenon which is observed in certain parts of New Zealand and Australia. There are various accounts by the locals where they have witnessed fibrous substances falling from the sky. When the onlookers went ahead to collect these substances they just vanished away. These appear like spider webs that are drifting away in the air; some have even described them as similar to cotton. In the recent times scholars have associated the Angel hair to UFO phenomenon. In 1948 it was reported that Angel Hair feel shortly after a UFO sighting. Again in 1952 a French account says that this material fell in two separate towns and there was a cigar shaped flying object witnessed in the sky. But another account of a ship docked in Canada reported that some strands of material fell off from the sky, but these were very strong and resilient unlike the sublime nature of Angel Hair.


Image of Angel Hair under Microscope

In 1998 it was reported that about 20 UFOs were seen over the town of Quirindi, New South Wales, Australia. As these UFOs passed overhead they filled the ground with Angel Hair. In some ancient texts Angel Hair has also been associated with the sightings of angels. But in the recent times this jelly-like or cobweb-like substance which is slightly radioactive in nature is often seen after UFO sightings. This substance evaporates without a trace. The hair has been claimed to either disintegrate or turn into a strange type of cottony tuft when held in the hand. This cottony tuft gives out a pungent smell. While Americans call this “Angel Hair”, Italians refer it “siliceous cotton” and the French use the term “the Madonna’s present” to describe this phenomenon.


Angel Hair on the plants

Ufologists first started discussing about this phenomenon in 1954 when two men stood in the balcony of a hotel in Venice and saw two shinning objects flying through the sky. Both these objects flew off fast towards Florence leaving a white trail. A soccer match in Florence was interrupted as everyone witnessed these flying objects. After the objects passed by the arena was filled with cobweb-like substances. The substances disintegrated when people tried to hold it in their hands. Only one student was able to capture some material and stored it in a test tube. There were number of tests conducted on these substances. It is a fibrous material with high resistance and torsion. When the substance was exposed to heat the material grows and finally evaporates leaving transparent sediment which melts away. This sediment contains silicon, born and magnesium. This sediment could be some type of boron glass.


Angel Hair samples collected in Test Tubes

A group of Russian scientists managed to get some samples of Angel Hair from New Zealand. They tested these substances using various procedures. They felt the fibres were less than 0.1 micron in diameter. Most of the threads were tangled as a bunch measuring upto 20 microns in diameter. Threads were whitish and semi-transparent. The material was of immense interest for the scientists as fibre was extremely and not something found in Earth’s natural environment.


Most Angel Hair reports and UFO sightings coincide

With all the evidences it seems very likely that UFOs may be a reason for the Angel Hair phenomenon. These may be energy trails left over by the UFOs.


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3 thoughts on “Is there a Link between Angel Hair and UFOs?

  1. An interesting article, one i felt compelled to respond to and expand upon.
    In Issue 2 of Paranormal Networks Beyond The Line magazine (now freely available to view online)
    We did research into the curious phenomena, found a number of reports in particular from villages in the south of England. Reports going back some 300 hundreds year of the same description.

  2. When I was a child, I used to think where did this web-like matter came from. As many years later I still wonder where it really came from. Not until last 2011 when I experience this natural phenomenon again. It seemed as the sun was the one who was responsible for this. Based on what I’ve seen, the sun produced this web-like matter, because I saw it around the sun spreading. And by that, I’ve realized why they called it from our local tongue ‘tae ng araw’ because it came from the sun. There was a big difference because it didn’t disappear easily. We, when I was a child used to picked and gathered it. And it didn’t disappear! I wonder if this and the angel hair was the same.

    • I witnessed this phenomena about 18 months ago I collected some and still have it in an airtight container in my cupboard…was amazing to see no words describe it was a sunny morning in summer after a thunderstorm we had had the night family and I took photos and gathered some and I’m always waiting to see if anyone else in my corner of new Zealand has seen it.

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