Lost Gospels with Hidden Facts

Lost gospels are a number of gospels that no longer exist or exist in pieces in reference to their existence. Some of these are hypothetical gospels; the Biblical scholars assume their existence through references in contemporary text. Most have no idea about the contents of these lost gospels. Some parts of the content are assumed from popular belief. There are about 20 such lots gospels. Some of these have been re-discovered in part and some of them have been saved in part over the centuries. Others were either lost with time or church destroyed them. None of these gospels are included in the Bible, though parts of some lost gospels are mixed with the present gospels,


Lost Gospels are some Gospels that are not included in the Bible

There are hoards of controversies surrounding the lost gospels as their content is unknown. Controversies have raged about their contents and why they were not included in the Bible. The church on their part have clarified that some of these gospels are unknown so they could not be included, while others were heretical. Most scholars feel that the biblical canonisation of gospels was done more for the convenience of the church. In short terms anything that went against what the church was trying to preach was considered as heretical and excluded from the Bible regardless of their author.


Surviving text of Gospel of Mary

Among these Lost Gospels is the gospel of Mary which is assumed to have been excluded as it was written by a woman, Mary who was the leading disciple of Jesus. There is clearly no such importance given to woman in the Bible. There could be various hidden facts about the last days of Christ in this gospel. There is also the Gospel of Peter which has vividly described the resurrection of Christ.


Letter by Clement mentioning the Secret Gospel of Mark

Secret Gospel of Mark is an unknown entity. The only reason we know this gospel existed is by a writing of Clement of Alexandria. In this letter Clement claimed that the gospel had been misinterpreted. He also accuses some contemporaries of lying about the facts. The gospel was supposed to have been kept at Alexandria and only those allowed to read the “Secret Gospels” could read through this gospel. But the present location of the gospel is unknown to all.


Supposed to be surviving Gospel of Mark

Gospel of Eve is perhaps the most controversial Lost Gospel. No one knows if there is any surviving copy of this gospel. Some references to this gospel are found in other writings. It dwelt on issues such as birth control and swallow semen. There is mention of having sex with multiple partners. But the church thought this as a piece of heretical writing and destroyed every copy.


May be with all these lost gospels Bible could have been better or worse.


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