Lake in Chile Disappears Overnight

The incident that is being referred to happened in May 2007 when a huge lake in Chile vanished overnight. There was only one thing left behind which was a 30 meter deep pit, dry soil and icebergs. All the water contained in the lake was gone. Though this incident happened about 5 years back but there is not much news about the incident. Many UFO specialists and paranormalists recently had a look at the spot. They have suggested various theories to justify this strange occurrence.

Missing Lake near Patagonia in Chile

The lake in question was not a small lake. It was about five miles long and situated in Patagonia, Chile. Geologists had studied the lake last in March 2007 and they had reported nothing strange about the lake. So, what could have happened to this giant lake? In addition to the disappearance of the lake, another river that flowed from the lake was simply reduced to a small stream.

When this story was first heard many people put it away thinking it was bizarre. Though seemingly baffling this incident is true. Though the water was gone but icebergs were left behind intact. Some geologists have also reported huge cracks at the bottom of the formed pit. Did the lake’s water drain out through these cracks? Was there an earthquake that caused this incident? How did the icebergs survive?

Glaciers in the Lake were intact

An expert in glaciers stated that this lake did not exist even three decades ago. May be the landscape of this area is reforming itself as has been seen in various parts of the world. Many geologists as well as glacier specialists are conducting tests to ascertain the fact. Some parts of the media feel that the water was actually drained out by an UFO. This seems to be an attempt to sensationalise the incident.

There is still no scientific or paranormal proof to tell the reasons. There have been many instances in the past where earthquakes have drained out water. Whether this is the true cause or not we have to wait and watch.

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