Have Remains of John the Baptist been Found?

It is believed that a 5th century monastery near the Black Sea contains the last remains of John the Baptist. John the Baptist was a famous prophet known for baptizing Jesus Christ. The find was conducted by a group of Bulgarian archaeologists who dug under an ancient basilica last week. They unearthed a container filled with human relics. There were bone fragments, pieces of human skull, hand and tooth inside this container.


Supposed remains of John the Baptist

The monastery in question in located on Sveti Ivan Island, which is at little distance from the popular Bulgarian seaside town of Sozoplo. The container with these remains was marked with a date June 24. This is a good sign to tell about the container filled with remains of John the Baptist. June 24 is the birthday of John the Baptist and it is celebrated with much fervour in various parts of the world.

John the Baptist is a revered figure among Christians


Though the archaeologists are quite excited about this find but the Vatican is still waiting for further confirmation before making any comments. They want further studies and anthropological analysis before expressing their opinion.

John the Baptist’s head was brought on a platter to Salome


According to the folklores John the Baptist was beheaded by first century Galilean ruler, Herod Antipas. As stated in the Gospels Herod had imprisoned John the Baptist because he did not approve Herod’s divorce of his wife Phasaelis. Herod had divorced his wife unlawfully and taken Herodias, wife of his brother as his next wife. When John the Baptist opposed this act he was arrested and kept in prison. On Herod’s birthday Salome (Herodias’ daughter) danced before Herod and other assembled guests. The performance pleased Herod so much that he asked Salome for anything she wished. Salome asked her mother what she should ask for. Herodias advised her to request for the head of John the Baptists to be brought to her on a platter. Herod granted this and John the Baptist was beheaded in his prison. He is supposed to have died in the fortress of Machaerus, near the Jordan River.


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