Mu and Lemuria: Tale or Truth?

Mu and Lemuria are lost continents that were postulated in the 19th century. Both these lost continents differ in some aspects while they are same in others. In fact some scholars even feel they are the same. They feel that Mu was a misinterpretation of stories from Lemuria. Like various other missing land masses it is believed that Mu and Lemuria sunk beneath the ocean. While continent of Mu is deemed to have sunk overnight, it is said that parts of Lemuria remained even after others sank.


Probable Map of Lemuria

Now let us take a look at these lost continents one by one. Lemuria seems to have existed in the Pacific or Atlantic or Indian Ocean. There is problem with the exact location of this continent. Most theories suggest they existed on the Indian and Atlantic Ocean at the same time. The idea of Lemuria was conceived while conducting a research about Lemurs. Lemurs are found in India and Madagascar. But both these countries are separated miles apart. While India is in Asia, Madagascar lies in Africa. So, there was a theory suggested according to which there was a continent connecting the two countries. This theory spread quickly and many others provided supporting theories for the presence of another continent. But this theory was vague by modern day standards. Today the phenomenon can be eaily explained by the plate tectonics. A sunken continent is not required to act as a bridge. As the Earth’s plate moves continents move towards and away from each other. There is every possibility that some times earlier Africa and Asia were close together. This solves the existence of similar animals in two parts of the world. If we hold that Lemuria had sunk there would be some trace found of this land mass with the modern mapping techniques.


Concept of Lemuria cropped up while studying fossils of Lemurs

The theory of Mu’s existence was also based on a similar assumption. There were claims that Mu sank overnight and human beings fleeing from this continent established both Mayan and Egyptian civilisations. A Mayan text contained the name of a woman named “Queen Moo”. This was the sole evidence for Mu. James Churchward who preached the existence of Mu gave crazy evidences at a point. He claimed to have visited India and met a priest who showed him some clay tablets. When he had mastered the ancient language he read through the content and these spoke of Mu. But no one else ever came acroos these clay tablets. Churchward was also a soldier and he did not have the mastery over ancient writings. So how could he read through an unheard language?


Probable Map of Mu

With the above given facts it is clear that the existence of Lemuria and Mu are fictional. They never existed and will never be found.

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