Mysterious Causes for Lenin’s Death

Vladimir Lenin was a Russian Marxist revolutionary and a communist politician who was at the forefront of 1917 October Revolution. He headed the Soviet State during its initial years (1917-1924). He was a persuasive orator and led to the formation of a completely new Soviet Union. There are many mysteries regarding his sudden death at 6:50 P.M. on January 21, 1924. He died just a few months before his 54th birthday. Generally known cause of his death was a massive stroke. Modern day medical experts opine that the cerebral arteries of the great leader had become so calcified that they sounded like stones when tapped. Let us check out the medical history of Lenin to find some clues for his sudden death.

Vladimir Lenin: A Prolific Orator

As a baby Lenin is reported to have had a large head that made him fall over numerous times. He used fall on the floor and bang his head, this made his mother worry that her child would grow up to be a mentally disabled person. But her fear did not realise. In his adulthood Lenin suffered from diseases such as toothaches, typhoid, influenza and erysipelas (a painful skin infection). He was immensely stressed at all times which led to other diseases such as migraines, insomnia and abdominal pain. When he was 38 years old he was shot twice in an assassination attempt. One bullet stayed in his collar bone after puncturing through his lungs and the other was caught up in the base of the neck. Both these bullets stayed within his body for the rest of his life.

Lenin’s Dead body

If we take a look at the medical history of Lenin’s family: his father died young at the age of 54 due to cerebral haemorrhage, but during death Lenin’s father also suffered from typhoid fever. All of Lenin’s seven brothers and sisters died young.

Lenin’s Corpse is undergoing medical research to authenticate the cause of his death

Two years before his death Lenin suffered three strokes. Some of the reputed medical practitioners in Europe were consulted and they suggested a variety of reasons such as nervous exhaustion, chronic lead intoxication (from the bullets within his body) and cerebral arteriosclerosis. When Lenin died he had suffered multiple seizures. This was an interesting fact for the medical experts and most of them were convinced that poison was the probable cause of Lenin’s death.

Lenin and Stalin sharing a moment together

But who would do such a heinous crime? And why? Most suspect Stalin of poisoning Lenin. Just a year before Lenin’s death Stalin had sent a secret letter to the Politburo suggesting that Lenin had asked Stalin’s help to commit suicide. But Stalin did not help and he decided to bring this thing in focus to the supreme authorities. Lenin was one of the main obstacles to Stalin’s supremacy and with Lenin’s death Stalin would be the main benefactor.

Another suspicious act was ordered by Stalin after Lenin’s death. Stalin ordered that no toxicological tests should be conducted on Stalin’s corpse. This made it impossible for the modern day experts to verify whether the real cause of Lenin’s death was poisoning.

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6 thoughts on “Mysterious Causes for Lenin’s Death

  1. Oh my gosh,, this is so amazing! I just couldnt stop reading it. It is so interesting. But now I´ve actually got a question in my head, how did Lenin really died ? And I really want to go to Red Square and see his body. Im so excited in things such as this!! 🙂

  2. You probably meant to say that Stalin would be the *beneficiary* of Lenin’s death, not its “benefactor”.

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