Mystery Regarding the Last days of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe is a well reputed author in the present era. But he was not much highly acclaimed in his own days. He had to spend his days in extreme poverty and had hardly enough money for alcohol. The writer passed away on October 7, 1849 under mysterious circumstances. There were many unanswered questions about the days leading up to his death.

Edgar Allan Poe a notable author of our times

Edgar Allan Poe a notable author of our times

Though Edgar Allan Poe was the father of “who done it” genre but his tales and poems were least popular among the masses. He gained popularity only after death. His last days were shrouded with Gothic mystery. Prior to his death Poe disappeared for many days and upon his return he died. If we follow the itinerary mentioned in his schedule he left Richmond on 27 September. He arrived at Baltimore next day and from there he was scheduled to catch a train to Philadelphia, where he had a very important meeting. From Philadelphia Poe had to travel to New York City to meet his mother-in-law Maria Clemm.

It is certain that he took a boat to Baltimore and arrived at the city. But he never reached Philadelphia. There is no record about five days of his life from 28 September – 3 October. On 3 October he was found in an incoherent state near a tavern in Baltimore. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he died on 7 October. There are various other things that thicken the mystery even further.

Edgar Allan Poe died under mysterious circumstaces

Edgar Allan Poe died under mysterious

circumstancesAfter submitted to the hospital Poe constantly took the name of some Reynolds. But no one with the name has been found. When found the clothes that Poe was wearing were different from the ones he had worn on his travel to Baltimore. He had a cheap palm leaf hat (which had mud all over), he had a second hand cheap coat and shirt and trousers that were loose (not of his size).

Edgar Allan Poe had even checked his luggage into a hotel at Baltimore. But Poe was scheduled to travel to Philadelphia soon after his arrival at Baltimore. Scholars feel knowing Poe he would not have checked in to a hotel for such a short duration. So, why did he check in?

Edgar Allan Poe's Grave in Blatimore

Edgar Allan Poe’s Grave in

BaltimoreThere was an earlier theory that stated: Poe’s travel to Philadelphia coincided with Election Day and it was a common practice to restrain travelers to rig votes in those days. But further study reveals that no such thing happened. Then, what is the reason for such mysterious incidence? There is no answer.

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