The Haunted Borley Rectory

Borley Rectory is one of the most haunted houses in England. It has become infamous for ghostly sightings. The house was built in the year 1863 on a site that has been claimed to be a Monastery priorly. As the story goes the first occupants of this house were the family of Reverend Henry Bull. The family had 14 children and some staff members. There were strange happenings immediately after the Bull family moved into the house. Initially there were ghostly footsteps and whispers heard. Reverend Bull was quite puzzled about the cause of these haunting. So he delved into the history of his property.

Ruins of the Borley Rectory

Ruins of the Borley Rectory

As the story goes there was a monastery at the very place. In this monastery once a monk and a nun fell in love. They eloped from the monastery, but unfortunately they were intercepted. Both of them faced severe punishment. While the monk was executed, the nun on the other hand was bricked alive. Since then the souls of these two lovers were trying to find each other in the confines of this property.

Strange Ghost Writings asking for help from Marianne

Strange Ghost Writings asking for help from Marianne

The Bull family soon found out that the haunting changed in nature. Occasionally the residents saw the nun peeping through the window; she would even appear in broad daylight but vanish when approached. As days passed another apparition was witnessed, the residents saw a coach with galloping horses. All these haunting were disturbing but never harmful.

Harry Price  who studied strange happenings at Borley Rectory

Harry Price who studied strange happenings at Borley Rectory

This too changed with the course of time. Reverend Bull was forced to sell the property to Reverend Guy Smith in 1928. They also saw the ghosts and additionally found a human skull hidden in one of the cupboards. The Smiths employed paranormal investigator Harry Price to find the real reasons. Once Price arrived at the house the haunting became more violent in nature. There were objects thrown across the rooms and rappings on the walls. When Price left the house the haunting calmed down again. Scared Smiths left the house in 1929 and it was occupied by Reverend Lionel Foyster and his family. After the Foysters left in 1937, Price rented the house for further investigations. He appointed 48 people who would stay at the house on alternative days. Most of them were threatened that the house would be burned down. Then in 1939 an oil lamp mysteriously fell over and the house caught fire. Most of the property was devastated. After the fire calmed down Price found some bones in the Rectory and he took them to the nearby cemetery to bury them. The rectory was never rebuilt; it was demolished in the year 1944.


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2 thoughts on “The Haunted Borley Rectory

  1. Borley Rectory is famous and infamous for the activity there. Good to revisit occassionally as a story and memory jogger.
    Not sure this article brings anything new to light or provides information that is not available elsewhere. Not sure the writing is original as the tempo of the writing on the later paragraphs is different. Indictating copied and reworded in areas. Does lead me to reading watching a tv special of Strange But atrue?

    • Hello Kristian,

      Thanks for your comment.

      First thing first, I am not a researcher. I am just a writer with keen interest on Mystery writing. So all the information here is bound to be taken from Internet sources.

      Secondly, I have been into Online writing for a significant while now. So I guess I have the skill to not copy from people.

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