Controversy Regarding Moon Landing

In July, 1969 humankind took a great leap forward when Neil Armstrong and his team set their foot on Moon. It was recorded in history as one of the greatest feats in human civilization. Millions of people were in awe of the feat. But there were some who claimed that the entire thing was a lie and setup. The theorists feel that the entire thing was orchestrated by NASA with the aid of American government to divert attention of the nation from the Vietnam War, as well as show superiority over USSR.


The Conspiracy theorists claim that there are discrepancies in the photo and video footage that was sent by the team from Moon. Some of these images indicate that the mission never left Earth in the first place and these were fake. As an example: photos were taken at the landing site where after planting the American flag, it seems to ripple in the wind instead of curling against the flag pole. As Moon has no atmosphere, so there would be no wind as well. Other discrepancies include: photos and videos from Apollo Moon shuttle show astronaut’s footprints on Moon’s surface and suggest that Moon’s surface is covered by a thick layer of dust. And yet there is no dust buildup around the spaceships feet or any other place where soil should be piled by the powerful thrusters when they were in use while landing.

USA Flag Fluttering on Moon

Flag Fluttering and Lots of Footprints


Other complications arise from the pictures that shadows of rocks and other objects on Moon. All the shadows are in contradicting directions. Moon has only one source of light and it is the Sun. This should suggest that all the shadows should point in the same direction. Shadows falling in different direction implies that there were multiple light sources in the area. Just like the bright lights used on Hollywood sets. Another remains in the shadows itself. The portion of the spaceship not facing the Sun should be completely black and shadowy. And yet the faces of astronauts who are saluting the above mentioned flag can be clearly seen. How is this possible?

American Flag Fluttering on Moon

American Flag Fluttering and a Black Sky in Background


In another photograph there is a jet-black sky shown. Where did the stars go? As Moon has no atmosphere, so the stars should have appeared much brighter than on Earth and ought to have been picked up by the photographic equipment. Yes they were not. Additionally, many photographs at different sites or at different angles seem to have the same background. These are just some of the anomalies sighted by the Conspiracy theorists.

Astronauts on Moon

Clearly visible faces of Astronauts even when they are on the other side of Sun


NASA have explained these anomalies with scientific explanations such as reflected sunlight, reflection of light from astronaut’s spacesuits and a specially constructed flag pole. But perhaps the best proof of Moon landing being a legitimate truth lies in the claims of fakery itself. An organization such as NASA would not commit so many mistakes if they were to fake an incident.


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