Annoy Chakraborty – Not Only a Writer But Lover of Content!

I do not intend to indulge in any propaganda, promote anything, or spread a thought. Neither am I a leader nor a business owner nor a preacher. I am a simple Content Writer and write what I feel. Maybe I deviate from the common thought, but common is just too simple to write about! My sole aim is to provide a good reading experience to all the visitors of Annoyz View. If you are happy the pleasure is all mine. So keep reading!


– Annoy Chakraborty

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15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello!

    Greetings from Mumbai, India

    We, at BBC Worldwide, are producing a series involving human-interest stories, based on history and mythology, where the storytelling style is modern docu-contemporary.We would like to use some material we found on your blog, as visual support for this series.
    If interested please write back at niveditahiggins@gmail.com

  2. What are your credentials? How do you get the information on the topics you write about. (I am wanting to cite you, but don’t know your background).

  3. Hello, sir! I am an American historian, teacher, and sociologist. I am especially interested in legends, folklore, and modern myth. I am loving your page! Please keep it up!

  4. I am a books writer. I request your permission to use the picture of roman soldier on the cover of my book

  5. Annoy, you have conjectured that Hatshepsut adopted baby Moses and that Thutmoses III was the pharaoh of the Exodus, and this is Correct (per a forthcoming book from author Tim Cohen, which deals with the Mideast peace process). However, your blog, “Who was the Pharaoh of Exodus?,” also makes a number of other statements that are inaccurate (e.g., the pharaoh of the Exodus did NOT die in the Reed Sea, but lived and reigned for additional years). Never the less, I congratulate you!

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