Why Web Content is losing its Potential?

death of content

The King is Dying!


There is a widespread consensus among the online marketing experts that the days of content marketing are waning and that too quite quickly. But that is a logical outcome, one that was slated to happen. Why?

If there were thousands of replica Taj Mahals built around India, do you think Taj would still have the same appeal? For me, I feel it will not. Its originality would be lost. Similarly, the web content has lost its originality. Bereft of any originality and filled with duplicates, the content that is being posted (in thousands) at various article directories, blogs and other sources is not original.

Why do you think web grew by within such a short span? It was simply the power of content that helped its propagation. But back in those days, content used to be original. It was useful, and most of all good to read. But in the last few years, content quality has degraded drastically, getting online readers disinterested.

As writers you should be proud of what you are doing. And the responsibility of a writer is to entertain and engage the readers with the power of words and thought. Well, modern day content writing has lost the power of thought. Readers understand when they see an old item with a new packing wrap. So, rehashing content from two or less sources is not the best way to create content. Today, the abundance of online resources means content writers have information about everything, if you know the places to search for.

We are looked upon as the Shakespeare’s of the modern era (take that literally), but we don the hats of imitation artists. And mostly the imitations are of much inferior quality to the originals. If you truly love your profession and hope to see it touch the zenith, where it was some years back, then you have to take responsibility.

Why start an article, by opening another to seek inspiration? Rather, take some time and learn about the niche you are writing for. Once you understand the sector, you are ready to think freely. Again, take some time to think about a probable problem area in the desired sector. Well, it sounds a bit time consuming, right? You might be worried, what the clients would feel? You might be worried that less productivity might haunt you when salary review comes about? So, let me clear the scenario – clients always demand good work over more work. They are hiring a professional writer seeking quality; an article spinning software could give them quantity. If you deliver them one good article in place of three poor ones, they will take it anytime. And to develop such an article you need time. If the client is happy, it will be a success badge on your profile!

Coming to another dilemma that the content writers face – working for SEO. SEO and content writing go hand in hand. But, content writing always makes sacrifices for SEO. Yes, the SEO Executive provides you a long list of keywords to develop an article (some are rather illogical mixture of words). But, you have to be thoughtful about that. The SEO professional is thinking about the bots, you should be more interested about the readers. And that means a careful use of keywords. Making sentences in the middle of nowhere to accommodate keywords completely kills the fun of reading an article. You have to be selective, as it is Google encourages organic use of keywords. So spread a long tail keyword out, Google will recognize it anyway. Even single mentions of a keyword are good enough to earn ranking, so why waste the potential of content?

Another reason for the failure of content writing is the lack of understanding. Most of us write just for the sake of it. Understanding the psyche of the web readers is very important. They are impatient and in search of solutions. Our generalist introductions are too boring. Come straight to the point. See, a reader is reading your article because he has a need. He needs to learn about something important, about which his near and dear ones might not know. If he had any other offline help, he would definitely opt for that rather than reading. So, when you are writing a rehashed article, you will simply lose the reader. If you touch a problem point and elaborate how to solve it, it would be good reading and useful.

Okay, now the blog is getting really lengthy. So, I will keep a second part for this. And hope to publish that soon. For now, I request all the content writers to remain WRITERS and not curators.

Writing Content for Mobile Devices

Content writers worldwide have to understand that online writing is on the threshold of evolution. Google speculates that by the end of this year, mobile searches will be more than desktop or laptop searches. It is not difficult to understand that content is seen differently by the readers on mobile devices. So, logically it should be written differently too.

Writing to Negate the Toggle

Writing to Negate the Toggle


Problem with something new technology is though we may know the basics and how it works, but do not know what impact it will have on our profession. Well, if you continue writing for the desktops your acceptance as a writer is bound to suffer in the long run. As it is, the freelancing model has made Content Writing a stiff world to survive.

Writing for Mobile

Writing for Mobile


So, you have to change. But how to write for the small screens of mobiles? How to fit in all the information in a user friendly way? This is a big question for the present day content writers. I would try to suggest some ways.

  • Lot Said, Little Spoken: It is time to become that introvert guy who speaks little but you get all the information. As writers we have a particular liking for creating the perfect sentences with rich vocabulary. Mobile users read your content on the go and they are not interested in your syntax. They want maximum information with minimum words. So, make every word count.
  • Earn their Attention: Toggling is different from scrolling. The time is even lesser. Unless your headline is really interesting, the reader will not click. You have maximum 1 second to grab the attention. So think hard. Titles should be relevant, brief and free of jargons. Ideal length of titles is 65-70 characters, to avoid truncation.
  • A Strong Beginning: Well, there is no point in beating around the bush. You have earned the attention of readers. Do not waste the potential by dancing around the topic. No point in setting the stage. Just get to it. Create a punchy and engaging summary compelling the readers to read on.
  • Keep it Short Silly: Give the KISS effect to your content, especially for the paragraphs. Content structure can go all wrong in mobile devices. When a paragraph of 6-7 lines is seen on a mobile device, it becomes an uninteresting chunk of information. The ideal length of a paragraph should be no more than 200 characters. This will also give you scopes of breaking the content.
  • Content Ideal for Scanning: Psyche of the mobile readers is to scan content, before they read one. They will toggle all the way down before giving your content a detailed read. This is why lists, bullets, numbers and sub-heads are essential. Let the reader see what is in it for them. If you use all these components perfectly then most of the readers will continue reading.
  • Use the Device: Most of the Smartphones are optimized for image viewing, utilize this potential. Use compelling graphics or images to tell your story and keep the content scanners interested.

Hope these tips will help you develop better content suiting all devices. Another name of professionalism is to learn something new every day!

Art of Asking for Guest Posting through Mails

Guest posting is now one of the popular trends for Link exchange. As Google likes your links in other web pages, so you need to gather as many as possible. As an SEO expert I do not need to remind you how to make guest posts. But what I need to inform is the way to mail for these guest posts.

Convince Webmasters that you intend to help

You have keywords (let us take for example “mobile broadband”) and a relevant article/blog in your disposal, your job is to ask for web masters and gain their confidence so that they post your blog to their site. Often SEO experts overlook the benefits of a good mail in this regard. Their mails are more mechanical and bereft of any emotions. When you are writing a mail you should not think yourself as an SEO expert, rather think in the lines of a content writer.

I run a personal blog site and I would not like to let someone use my blog site for free for some other company’s promotion. So, if someone mails me and asks permission to post their blog on my website my obvious question would be – “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?” Thus comes the scenario of paying for your guest posts, which is not ideal. So keep the following information in mind while writing a request mail for Guest blog posting:

Keep in mind certain basics while framing your mail

  • Introduction: Content writers are a sentimental lot. There is a sense of brotherhood within the global content writers. They like to know that their work is being read and appreciated by another content writer. So, you may start by saying how you were searching for information on “mobile broadband” and you stumbled upon the blog site. Further, tell them how you liked the blogs. You may just take a glance through their website for this sake. Put in the headings of their two most popular posts. Tell them how helpful their website is.
  • Form a Bond: Now reveal your credentials. Tell them that you are a freelance content writer and happen to own a website in the same niche (provide the client’s website link here). You are very impressed and as a content writer to another you would like to HELP the webmaster make his/her site even better.
  • Helpful Approach: How would you help the webmaster? Tell him/her that you love writing about the mobile broadband. You would like to help the webmaster by writing guest blogs that would entice more readers to the website. Reveal to the webmaster that you have been writing relevant articles for many years now.
  • Bargain: All your articles would be free of any charges. But in exchange you would just require a small favour. It would be great if the webmaster could include your link in the article body or the resource box.
  • Assure: Give him/her a final assurance that the articles will be 100% unique and they will be checked by a reputed plagiarism checker.

Are you ready to get busy posting some guest blogs?

Finally, show the urge to get associated with the website on a long term. If such an approach is maintained you will not only get more affirmative mails but form many relationships too.

Google’s Panda Updates Forces Changes in General Content Writing Practices

Latest Google Panda updates would make the content writers worldwide take a different stance on writing online content. Many evil practices have crept into the field of online writing and the Panda updates want to cure those practices. According to this update most content writers are opting ethical writing guideline and abiding by laws by the major search engine. Some recent guidelines in terms of content writing released by the search engine giants Google will definitely improve the skills of the content writers.


Interactive Approach ensures better results

Have an Interactive Tone in your content


When you interact with the readers and may be get into the core matter citing some relevant examples the readers feel more connected to the what the writer wants to say. Addressing the readers as “you” is a good way of starting the interactivity. If you are providing tips or suggesting some remedies the tone should one of a caring friend. This lends a humane touch to the content. Prick the areas that may interest the readers most. Such an approach is definitely very challenging but there is also chances of wider recognition. Try to make the content visually appealing with the use of short sentences, bullets, numbers and sub-heads. You should also insert relevant images in the content to make the content relevant. If you apply these tactics site’s ranking will definitely improve.


Use Valuable Information


Web users are looking for valuable information online

Write what is hot on the blocks and what the readers want to know. There is no point in providing outdated information to the readers time and again. Google is approaching towards a writer centric approach in terms of their algorithm. If you aren’t authentic and infringe the content on other websites then you will be spotted quickly. The subsequent result will lowering of page rank. Too many writers nowadays are bugged by the word count. They have to meet a certain word limit criteria, so they fill their content with words more than information. If you provide only authentic information that interests the readers than you will definitely attract many potential followers.


Never Rewrite Existing Articles


Rewriting an existing content gives a shabby outcome

According to the Google Panda updates writers should be ready to think fresh and deliver authentic content. Though rewriting articles from a valuable source is time and energy saving but it isn’t a fair practice. Stealing others thoughts would never establish you as a good content writer. Moreover, no two people think in the same way, thus you might undermine the meaning of the original article and devalue it. So write innovative and original content that would fetch good rewards on Google search pages results.


Avoid Keyword Centric Articles


Overuse of Keywords makes a content ineffective

Keywords are definitely important for SEO content writing but writing a totally keyword centric article is not a good option. Web users in the modern times are hungry for valuable information online. If you are focused on merely the SEO practices then you are turning yourself worthless. Though use of keywords is must but the value of information cannot be undermined in any way. When the keywords are used they should mingle well with the flow of the content. In no way should the reader feel you have compromised quality for keywords.


Keep Target Audience in Mind


Content should be created for a highly targeted audience

Conventional way of crafting article for a niche audience is still important as per the Google’s Panda updates. New Google’s algorithm will promote highly targeted content to provide improved results. If you create a highly targeted content for a specific group of people then there are higher chances of earning higher ranks in Google search results. You should look to address the immediate questions and issues for the readers. Write in a personalized tone so that the content naturally appeals the potential readers.


To impress Google content writers have to be more imaginative!

Vital Web Statistics to Keep in Mind While Developing Content

One of the biggest advantages of running an online business is that business owners are able to measure things. They can know about customers, where they have come from, how they got to the website, when they are visiting the website and how long they are staying put at website, etc. These statistics help a business grow, increase their conversions (or sales) or fix up the issues with underperforming pages. As a content writer you have to work accordingly. A content writer has to keep in mind all the vital web statistics while developing content, it is only after such a study that he/she can provide best value with content. There are certain web statistics that you should be aware of as a content writer.

Content should please the Web Statistics

  • Unique Visitors: Unique visitors are not the family members who visit a website from time to time. These are number of actual visitors to any website. There is a word “hits” that is used in terms of paid advertisement. More unique visitors you can draw through your content better chances are that your website will succeed in its marketing purposes. To get unique visitors the content should be interesting, value oriented and suggest remedies to the long standing problems of the visitors. It is only with high quality content coupled with high quality products/services that a website can achieve large number of unique visitors.
  • Build your Traffic with Interesting Content

  • Search engine referrals: Search engines categorize a website on various criteria but mostly on the quality of content present in each page. More search engine referrals you get for a website better your content quality is. Unique and updated content is a prime requirement to get high search engine referrals.
  • High quality content will be referred even by competitors

  • Referrals from other websites: When you write interesting content with the latest news in the industry many niche websites will refer their visitors to your website for updated information. Even the competitors know the value of quality content. To get more website referrals your content should rely on the latest news in the industry. They will find the old and basic content on any other website, if you are ready to travel that extra mile and dish out something they have not read before and would definitely love to know then you have caught attention. To achieve such a result the website owner should also be willing to update his website every now and then.
  • Visitors Entry and Exit: Every website has a Admin panel and these are filled with various features. The site administrator will be able to learn about the visitors and how much time they are spending at the website. If the time spent is more then you will feel they have read through your content and may be taken some actions benefiting the business. You should not make lengthy content filled with all words. The article or website content with bullets, numbers or sub-heads draws more attention. And of course the same criteria – interesting and updated also apply for this statistics to click for you.
  • Use Keywords judiciously not hampering the flow of content

  • Keywords and Key phrases: These are words or phrases that have been most searched for or words that would provide an edge to the businesses over their competitors. Any SEO expert would send you a lengthy list of keywords and key phrases, but you have to plan how to use these in your content. The words should not look out of place. Once the reader has an idea that you are actually using articles or blogs just as a bait for your business he/she will not be pleased. So it is best to disguise the business purpose with a well thought out implementation of these search engine factors. Bear in mind use of keywords should not cease the flow or style of your content. It is better to spend a little time to plan the planting of keywords.

Keep these factors in mind and the clients would be more than happy with your work!

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Plagiarism and its Implications in Content Writing

Plagiarism is one of the evil practices that has crept out at large in the SEO content writing industry. Search engines love sites that have ample relevant content. Getting high ranking in Google or other prominent search engines is the sole purpose of many online marketers. But it is not easy to develop great content every time around, that within a short span of time. It takes hours to research about a thing, topic or personality, but such a time is luxury for most content writers. So they have start finding shortcuts. And in their urge to improve productivity they often have to settle for content that is not satisfactory. When you do not have much time you will look to take reference from couple of articles. While experienced content writers can manage this task admirably the newbies might be tempted to copy from other places (either knowingly or unknowingly). Plagiarism under all circumstances is an evil practice that should be shunned. How would you feel if you have put in hours of effort and research to develop an inch perfect article and the next day someone copies your hard work blatantly and publishes it by his name? You will feel awful, won’t you?

Do not Copy because its effects would be harsh

That feeling should be kept in mind by all the content writers. As content writers you belong to a global family of Content Writing. You should respect others and work hard each time you have a content to develop. Use reference articles alright, but make sure only a fraction of information is taken as foundation stones. All the thoughts have to be self made. Some content writers feel cheating they can cheat the clients with a merely rephrased or copied content. But you are forgetting the articles will be posted in search engines and they have sophisticated plagiarism checkers in place. So there is no way out for the guilty. Once accused of plagiarism, your professional growth might be in shambles.

Onine world is a rich resource for information

Many have a misconception: why can’t content writers dish out original articles when the literature writers can do the same? You have to understand one thing, the literature are not bounded by a strict territory, they have a wide canvas to play with. While the content writers are bound by marketing purposes. Literature writers might focus on areas that they are comfortable with, or topics that they are well conversed to, but the content writers have to develop content about everything from wild African safari to cooking in a solar cooker. It is not easy to shell out high quality and original content every time.

Research and develop your original content

However Internet offers the biggest library that you will ever come across, you can get information anything and everything. Use the treasure house of information and learn as much as you can about any given topic or industry before you start. Don’t be awed by the experienced writers who can create quality articles within a short span of time. They had also spent time researching and knowing each and every sector before becoming confident writers. After you have written a content make sure you use a reliable plagiarism checking software (either online or offline) and get the content checked for any duplicates. If there are pecuniary changes required you can easily rephrase those parts. There are plenty of plagiarism checkers around.

Use quality plagiarism checkers

Plagiarism in content writing can be categorized into two types:

  • Copying a piece from some other writer entirely and publishing it by your name
  • Taking or copying ideas from a piece.

Both these types of plagiarism are harmful. So try to avoid them with your instincts as a content writer.

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Role of Content Writer in Social Media Promotions

If you thought social media world was just meant for simpletons like you and me you are quite wrong. Though the basic idea of social media was to transform the dry world online into a more interactive place. With the scope for interaction, games, and various other attention grabbing applications social media sites such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc. have become our best pastime. In a day huge crowd pours into these social media sites, this provided an ample audience which the marketers could use to promote their products and services.

Social Media presence is important for all brands

Social media promotions when done with care can earn you a lot of loyal customers. But a single wrong move or expressing yourself in a different way can prove detrimental for the company’s cause. Everyone must be wondering what is the need of content writers in social media promotion? Well, they have a huge role to play. They understand the English language inside out. Dealing with English writing is their everyday work. So they will be the best candidates to look after the posts at the leading social media sites. There is a specific tone and approach with every brand. For example, view the media advertisements of Thumbs Up and Pepsi. While Thumbs Up will look to take a “try if you dare” approach, Pepsi take up a “give it a try approach”. Though both these companies are leading cold drinks manufacturers in India and deal with same flavors but they have a different approach to marketing.

Though leading social media sites offer opportunities but only when it is done properly

When these companies decide to use the social media and promote their products through this platform, all their posts should symbolize their marketing approach. This is challenging for the content writer, he has to modify his tone and style of writing to match with the brand approach. Moreover, in the social media world your small grammar or spelling errors look large. Every content posted at the leading sites should be flawless and of high quality. The social media promotion is a relentless assault on the customers from the leading companies. They might have seen the ads while watching television at their homes. But the companies will remind them again when they may have opened the social media sites in the midst of work at their workplace. So the theme of the advertisement needs to be taken forward by the creative content writers. Who else can provide so many qualities in terms of social media content then a content writer?

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Stages of Content Editing

In the last blog we had detailed discussion over the importance of content editing and its types. So this time around we will dwell on the stages that go into content editing. Many people feel a mere read through a write up and making some simple changes is all editors do. This is not a reality when you are working in a professional environment. Editing requires not one but three readings. These three stages are very important to make sure that the content is 100% error free. As a preparation to editing any content the editors should have a detailed look at the content details information provided by the client. This will give them an idea of what the client really wants from your write ups. It is very important for the editors to learn about the preferences of the client. The writer may in his/her hurry miss out on the preferences but it is the responsibility to edit the copies keeping in mind what exactly the client wants. Now let us get straight to the stages of content editing:

Content Editing requires looking into details that may have escaped others attention

Stage-I: Proofreading

This is how a Proofread copy would look like

In this stage the content editor goes through the article. A detailed read will expose the editor to several areas which require changes. Simply mark those areas with a different background colour, so that you are able to make quick changes. You may alter some of the typo errors or other silly mistakes within this stage. But let the rest be taken care of in the next stage.

Stage-II: Thorough Editing

One recently edited copy

This is the most important step for the content editors. Give a second read to the write up. Now make the changes to any text, phrases or sentences that you feel require changes. While bringing the changes make sure you have kept the client’s mentioned details and the writing style of the author intact. Introduction and Conclusion are the two most important parts of an online content and special emphasis should be put on these. Make these areas interesting and eye grabbing. Many writers have a habit of writing big sentences that may span upto three lines. Think for yourself, when you are reading an article about a subject you do not have much knowledge about and you confront a line of similar stature. I can bet you would not be able to relate the whole sentence unless you give three or four readings. So you will have to break the long sentences. The sentences should be no longer than 2 lines. Make all the changes possible in this stage.

Stage-III: Final Checking

Read through the content carefully after Editing

This is more of a precautionary reading. Give an attentive read through the write up. All the changes should have already been made. So just make sure while changing the words or sentences whether you yourself have made any mistakes or not. Whether those changes are making the write up look more professional or not. Making changes just for the sake of it is not called for. Also make sure whether the keywords have been used in the right density, the language is proper (UK or US English) and some other basic checks.

Now the write up is ready to be sent to the client and he/she will only appreciate it. As it is said that the work of an editor is to make the Ordinary look Good, Good look Great and the Great look Excellent!

Content Editing and its Facets

Many would think editing content is a cup of tea for all. But this is a big illusion that needs to be broken. Any business owner would recognise the fact that the content editor is the last person within an organisation to view a write up. After that it is sent over to the client for approval. It is a responsibility of the editor to make the write up inch perfect so that there are no complaints from the clients. At most cases the editor would receive a raw copy and have to make it into content that suits the needs, purposes and aesthetic senses of the client. Thus you can well understand the important of content editing in this regard.

Content Editing is the Work of Experts

One of the prime tasks of the content editor is to have a thorough look through the project details provided by the client. The editor should understand in wholeness various factors such as purpose of writing, target audiences and the language or style to be followed in the write ups. Language of the write up would depend on the country where the client belongs to, as in most cases the clients would want to promote their company in the local circles first. You have to also take a look at the keywords.

There are two schools of thought in regards to content editing and I would name them as Eliminators and Rectifiers. So what are the characteristics of these schools of thought?

Be an Editor not a Butcher Chopping to Shreds

Eliminators: These are the group of editors who want to leave their signature on the content. They would settle for nothing less than exactly words and phrases they like. As a result they would have to rewrite large parts within a write up. They would be chopping of lines within a write up to replace them with their language. I do not adhere to this school of thought due to three reasons.

  • First of all rewriting such a bulk portion of the write up would take a fair amount of editing time. Editing should be quick and steady to earn value to the organisation. But writing fresh lines would take near about the same time as developing a fresh content.
  • Secondly, as content editors you have understand that no two people write or express their feelings in the same way. Even simple sentences may vary from one person to the other. This is known as the unique writing style of the writer and is his/her signature. No content editor has the right to delete the signature from a write up.
  • Thirdly, any write up is the hard work of a person and you do not have the right to simply delete some lines or phrases just because you do not like the language or words. Let the write ups show the style of the writer.

At times the lesser or inexperienced content editors follow this process as it is simple to execute. When you are deleting the lines all together you do not have to care about the grammar patterns in the lines.

Content editing should have precision and accuracy with small changes

Rectifiers: This is the second school of thought. Generally this type of editing is followed by the seasoned editors. Here the originality of the write ups is kept intact. Only minute changes within the lines are made. This may mean replacing one or a few words within an existing line. This is the process I would recommend for every content editor for the following reasons:

  • Firstly, you are saving time. It does not require much time to make small changes within a sentence if have a sharp sense of grammar. So you can finish bulk of editing in a day which is the need for busy content editors in the IT sector.
  • Secondly, it keeps the signature or style of the writer intact. Writer’s hard work is kept intact with just a little bit of garnishing. The changes are made from the point of view of need rather than from psychological point of view.
  • Editing many write ups in a day can be boring at times when it becomes everyday duty. So this process provides you with a scope to test your grammar skills. When you have deleted some words from the middle of the sentence, you not only have to replace them with more meaningful words but also care about the grammar and syntax of the sentence. This can be challenging and fun!

Good Content Editor can make any client happy

Content editing is a vast area of work. So, one post isn’t enough to elaborate upon it. Next time we will have a look at the easy process to edit a copy flawlessly.

How to Research Well Before Writing an Article?

As a content writer you are supposed to produce articles in a hurry for your organisation. Though some experienced content writers in Kolkata know the shortcuts to research well in a short span of time, the newbies in the trade are left helpless. As the clock ticks by their helplessness mounts and they produce articles that are not interesting, not knowledge enriched and neither business oriented. As a content writer first inhibition that you have to shred off is being too creative. You are not writing a piece of literature here, rather you are trying to write something that would benefit a business owner. Giving general information might be good for the first few lines, but after that you have to become business like and get directly to the point.

Top Article Directories are a Good Place to Research

Then you would have a sad face and ask me: for this purpose a lot of information is required? Well, as content writer you are exposed to the largest library in the world. Internet has information of every sort you are looking for. But the trick is to look in the right places. When writing articles your best friends are the article directories such as Ezine Articles, Article Base, Article Snatch, Buzzle, Go Articles, Article Dashboard, etc. These are some of the well known article directories that you will come across. Article directories are sites that are used by the SEO article submitters to submit their quality articles. There are articles on every subject available in these sites. As they are the best in the league thus the articles posted at these sites need to be of the highest quality.

Enter a Relevant Search in Ezine Articles

Now that you know the places where you need to look out for information, it is time to actually start searching for information. Let us try to search for information related to content writing services. We would take a look at result searches in Ezine Articles. As you would see there is a search bar in the home page of the website just below the “Article categories”. We would simply search by content writing services (as we are trying to create an article using this keyword).

Huge Number of Relevant Page Results in Ezine Articles

Then click on “Search” button placed just beside. A page will open containing a list of many articles. Mind you this is the first page of search results and there may be many other pages full of relevant articles on the topic you have selected to write upon.

Now look through the results and try to find some results that resemble the topic you have at hand. Do not use information in one article as reference for your article as this increases chances of plagiarism. Open two or three relevant articles (which are supported by most browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) in separate tabs. Read through the information and start writing.

Wikipedia should be visited to form a better understanding about the subject

But at times the topics of articles might not be simple. There might be topics that you would not be able to decipher. So in such situations the best place to visit is Wikipedia. It will provide you a basic idea about the business, product or service in layman’s term. Once you have understood the terms you can again repeat the search in article directories with their closest synonyms.

Process to get relevant article search results on Google

If you do not find enough information in these article directories then search using the Google search engine. Do not forget to add “article” after the keyword when you search for the relevant articles using the search. The command “article” helps search engine show only the pages having articles. This will ease your search using Google.

So research well and write articles that add material to the online marketing campaigns of your clients. Only a happy client can make your career blossom as content writer!

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