Are We Proud To Be Bengali?

Tomorrow is the Bengali New Year (Poila Boisakh) and Bengali’s become exceptionally proud of their entity come this day. On this day praises of our race and culture are heard everywhere. People will compare how we are much superior in terms of culture and knowledge then Marathis, Tamils, and people from other leading states of India. They will sight examples such as the Nobel award winning Economist Amartya Sen, great poet Rabindranath Tagore, ex-skipper of the Indian cricket team Sourav Ganguly, etc. Some will also go back to the pre-independence era and tell tales about the valor of Bengali’s in the freedom struggle. Its great to hear and we may be blown away by our emotions. But think logically, do you feel any pride at being a Bengali in the present age? Apart from a handful of talents, the ground level Bengali youth are still deprived of opportunities.

Closing Doors of Opportunities in West Bengal

Our government has only one USP – “we offer cheap labor”! Having written online sales content for sometime now I can tell you the word “cheap” does not impress anyone. Though there is a huge pool of talent in West Bengal yet the scopes for youth is very limited. There isn’t much industry in this state (thanks to the culture of strikes and trade unions) and no future prospects of industrial growth (thanks to the political parties). So what would the Bengali youth do with the dozens of degrees at their back?

Just a few years back the government of West Bengal took pride in the IT infrastructure they had set up in Sector V, Salt Lake they claimed that it would give new career opportunities to many and end the unemployment problems. And I was among the few who took great pride as being a part of the IT industry in WB. But having heard the tales of the IT growth in Bangalore, Noida and even Mumbai, all I can say is IT in WB is still in its infancy with only limited scopes for growth.

No wonder most of the talented Bengali’s will be spending their Poila Boisakh in various parts of India and world but not on their homeland i.e. West Bengal. So Bengalis pull up your socks, if we could dethrone the mighty British empire why can’t we change the dull present of West Bengal? Only the fools dwell in the past, the clever think of ways to move ahead of the rest!

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