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How important are Headlines for Articles?

There is a disturbing trend in the content industry; many writers are framing their articles solely for the search engines. But understand one thing you are writers by profession, so just like a playwright can gauge the success of his work with the roaring sound of the claps you should also write to get the appreciation of the readers. When the readers like your articles they will recommend it to various other people and visit the website you want to promote. Making the article a fodder for the search engines is going to kill the flow and smoothness of the subject matter.


Though there are many parts of the article, but according to me the most important and yet one of the most overlooked aspects of article writing is framing the headline/topic/title of the article. I wonder why people get so lazy while crafting a suitable headline for their article. Let me illustrate why the headline of the article is of prime importance.



When your article is being submitted in any major article directory, there are hundreds of articles on the same subject vying to get the attention of the readers. The readers will definitely not have sufficient time surfing through the host of articles present at the directory, they will want to shortlist a few based on some criteria. And this criterion is their headlines. The headlines decides whether your article is read of not. So what should your headline have to create that extra curiosity in the minds of the surfers?


  • It should be a question. It has been seen in the recent studies that article readers over the Internet go through articles to find solutions to some of their problems. When you have a headline with question that closely resembles the queries visitors might have related to your niche business, then it is sure to get good viewership.
  • Some of the people also want to learn things online by reading articles. There is a common conception in the minds of many that online articles are the shortest crash course one could have in learning some complex procedures. Thus the tips and tricks headlines attract quite many eyeballs.
  • Apart from this the article can also have a headline shrouded with mystery. It will compel the readers to go through the article to learn what is in store for them.


Make sure that the headline of article is not over stretched. Too many words in the headline make people bored. This is not a thesis paper you are submitting so make sure it is short, simple and interest based.


Another facet often overlooked by the content writers in Kolkata is the fact that the headline leads the readers into the articles. So the first few lines should be just an extension of the headline. Do not go for an elaborate introduction deviating totally from the subject matter just for the sake of fulfilling the word count. Why are fiction novels so popular? And why can’t we sleep until finishing a fair portion of these fiction novels? Because there is no lapse in flow. So make sure that the headline of the article is complimented well by the first couple of lines in the Introduction.