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Vital Web Statistics to Keep in Mind While Developing Content

One of the biggest advantages of running an online business is that business owners are able to measure things. They can know about customers, where they have come from, how they got to the website, when they are visiting the website and how long they are staying put at website, etc. These statistics help a business grow, increase their conversions (or sales) or fix up the issues with underperforming pages. As a content writer you have to work accordingly. A content writer has to keep in mind all the vital web statistics while developing content, it is only after such a study that he/she can provide best value with content. There are certain web statistics that you should be aware of as a content writer.

Content should please the Web Statistics

  • Unique Visitors: Unique visitors are not the family members who visit a website from time to time. These are number of actual visitors to any website. There is a word “hits” that is used in terms of paid advertisement. More unique visitors you can draw through your content better chances are that your website will succeed in its marketing purposes. To get unique visitors the content should be interesting, value oriented and suggest remedies to the long standing problems of the visitors. It is only with high quality content coupled with high quality products/services that a website can achieve large number of unique visitors.
  • Build your Traffic with Interesting Content

  • Search engine referrals: Search engines categorize a website on various criteria but mostly on the quality of content present in each page. More search engine referrals you get for a website better your content quality is. Unique and updated content is a prime requirement to get high search engine referrals.
  • High quality content will be referred even by competitors

  • Referrals from other websites: When you write interesting content with the latest news in the industry many niche websites will refer their visitors to your website for updated information. Even the competitors know the value of quality content. To get more website referrals your content should rely on the latest news in the industry. They will find the old and basic content on any other website, if you are ready to travel that extra mile and dish out something they have not read before and would definitely love to know then you have caught attention. To achieve such a result the website owner should also be willing to update his website every now and then.
  • Visitors Entry and Exit: Every website has a Admin panel and these are filled with various features. The site administrator will be able to learn about the visitors and how much time they are spending at the website. If the time spent is more then you will feel they have read through your content and may be taken some actions benefiting the business. You should not make lengthy content filled with all words. The article or website content with bullets, numbers or sub-heads draws more attention. And of course the same criteria – interesting and updated also apply for this statistics to click for you.
  • Use Keywords judiciously not hampering the flow of content

  • Keywords and Key phrases: These are words or phrases that have been most searched for or words that would provide an edge to the businesses over their competitors. Any SEO expert would send you a lengthy list of keywords and key phrases, but you have to plan how to use these in your content. The words should not look out of place. Once the reader has an idea that you are actually using articles or blogs just as a bait for your business he/she will not be pleased. So it is best to disguise the business purpose with a well thought out implementation of these search engine factors. Bear in mind use of keywords should not cease the flow or style of your content. It is better to spend a little time to plan the planting of keywords.

Keep these factors in mind and the clients would be more than happy with your work!

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Role of Content Writer in Social Media Promotions

If you thought social media world was just meant for simpletons like you and me you are quite wrong. Though the basic idea of social media was to transform the dry world online into a more interactive place. With the scope for interaction, games, and various other attention grabbing applications social media sites such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc. have become our best pastime. In a day huge crowd pours into these social media sites, this provided an ample audience which the marketers could use to promote their products and services.

Social Media presence is important for all brands

Social media promotions when done with care can earn you a lot of loyal customers. But a single wrong move or expressing yourself in a different way can prove detrimental for the company’s cause. Everyone must be wondering what is the need of content writers in social media promotion? Well, they have a huge role to play. They understand the English language inside out. Dealing with English writing is their everyday work. So they will be the best candidates to look after the posts at the leading social media sites. There is a specific tone and approach with every brand. For example, view the media advertisements of Thumbs Up and Pepsi. While Thumbs Up will look to take a “try if you dare” approach, Pepsi take up a “give it a try approach”. Though both these companies are leading cold drinks manufacturers in India and deal with same flavors but they have a different approach to marketing.

Though leading social media sites offer opportunities but only when it is done properly

When these companies decide to use the social media and promote their products through this platform, all their posts should symbolize their marketing approach. This is challenging for the content writer, he has to modify his tone and style of writing to match with the brand approach. Moreover, in the social media world your small grammar or spelling errors look large. Every content posted at the leading sites should be flawless and of high quality. The social media promotion is a relentless assault on the customers from the leading companies. They might have seen the ads while watching television at their homes. But the companies will remind them again when they may have opened the social media sites in the midst of work at their workplace. So the theme of the advertisement needs to be taken forward by the creative content writers. Who else can provide so many qualities in terms of social media content then a content writer?

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How to Research Well Before Writing an Article?

As a content writer you are supposed to produce articles in a hurry for your organisation. Though some experienced content writers in Kolkata know the shortcuts to research well in a short span of time, the newbies in the trade are left helpless. As the clock ticks by their helplessness mounts and they produce articles that are not interesting, not knowledge enriched and neither business oriented. As a content writer first inhibition that you have to shred off is being too creative. You are not writing a piece of literature here, rather you are trying to write something that would benefit a business owner. Giving general information might be good for the first few lines, but after that you have to become business like and get directly to the point.

Top Article Directories are a Good Place to Research

Then you would have a sad face and ask me: for this purpose a lot of information is required? Well, as content writer you are exposed to the largest library in the world. Internet has information of every sort you are looking for. But the trick is to look in the right places. When writing articles your best friends are the article directories such as Ezine Articles, Article Base, Article Snatch, Buzzle, Go Articles, Article Dashboard, etc. These are some of the well known article directories that you will come across. Article directories are sites that are used by the SEO article submitters to submit their quality articles. There are articles on every subject available in these sites. As they are the best in the league thus the articles posted at these sites need to be of the highest quality.

Enter a Relevant Search in Ezine Articles

Now that you know the places where you need to look out for information, it is time to actually start searching for information. Let us try to search for information related to content writing services. We would take a look at result searches in Ezine Articles. As you would see there is a search bar in the home page of the website just below the “Article categories”. We would simply search by content writing services (as we are trying to create an article using this keyword).

Huge Number of Relevant Page Results in Ezine Articles

Then click on “Search” button placed just beside. A page will open containing a list of many articles. Mind you this is the first page of search results and there may be many other pages full of relevant articles on the topic you have selected to write upon.

Now look through the results and try to find some results that resemble the topic you have at hand. Do not use information in one article as reference for your article as this increases chances of plagiarism. Open two or three relevant articles (which are supported by most browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) in separate tabs. Read through the information and start writing.

Wikipedia should be visited to form a better understanding about the subject

But at times the topics of articles might not be simple. There might be topics that you would not be able to decipher. So in such situations the best place to visit is Wikipedia. It will provide you a basic idea about the business, product or service in layman’s term. Once you have understood the terms you can again repeat the search in article directories with their closest synonyms.

Process to get relevant article search results on Google

If you do not find enough information in these article directories then search using the Google search engine. Do not forget to add “article” after the keyword when you search for the relevant articles using the search. The command “article” helps search engine show only the pages having articles. This will ease your search using Google.

So research well and write articles that add material to the online marketing campaigns of your clients. Only a happy client can make your career blossom as content writer!

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How to Write Effective Website Pages?

Website content writing is a challenging job for any content writer. There are various pages that comprise a website and each page demands something different. It is important to know the art of writing each and every page of a website effectively. Website is the source of earning for most of the website owners and they will settle for nothing less than the best output from the content writer. So I thought I would share some of the tips that will help you in writing web pages.

Website is the Face of a Company Online

What is a Website?

A website (also spelled Web site is a collection of related web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that are addressed relative to a common Uniform Resource Locator (URL), often consisting of only the domain name, or the IP address, and the root path (‘/’) in an Internet Protocol-based network. A web site is hosted on at least one web server, accessible via a network such as the Internet or a private local area network.

What is a Web Page?

A web page is a document, typically written in plain text interspersed with formatting instructions of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML, XHTML). A web page may incorporate elements from other websites with suitable markup anchors.

Home Page

Home Page is also the Landing Page for the Website

  • Definition: The homepage (often written as home page) is the URL or local file that automatically loads when a web browser starts or when the browser’s “home” button is pressed. One can turn this feature off and on, as well as specify a URL for the page to be loaded.
  • The term is also used to refer to the front page, webserver directory index, or main web page of a website of a group, company, organization, or individual.
  • Type of Content: Short, simple yet attractive
  • Word Count: Should be low as only the most relevant information has to be included
  • Hyperlinking: Needs links to the relevant pages.
  • Matter: Should address the issues related to the niche and must be solution oriented.

About Us

About Us Page tells the Visitors what the company is all about

  • Definition: The About us section or page is where a business or organization often publishes an overview and/or a brief history of their entity. If they wish to publish a lot on their history, they sometimes have a separate “history” section. Often about us pages are used to attempt to connect with potential customers, and things such as the entities mission statement are published there.
  • Type of Content: Elaborate, Article styled
  • Word Count: May be high depending on the need of the client.
  • Hyperlinking: There is no need to hyperlink. Somethomes there are sites that use a call to action such as Contact Us though.
  • Matter: Should make the readers believe that the site is authentic and they can rely upon it for their online business. Awards and other accolades should be included.

Contact Us

Contact Us page helps the visitors get in touch with Company

  • Definition: The Contact Us section is defined as the reference section whereby the web visitors can get in touch with the company either by filling up relevant information in the forms or by going through the company address and other contact details found in this page.
  • Type of Content: Very short. Just an introduction.
  • Word Count:Very low. Hardly 2-3 sentences required.
  • Hyperlinking: Some of the websites offer live chatting facility with their customer care representatives. While there are others that link with the Ordering page and the Products/Services page.
  • Matter: Should be just an introduction. Often contains creation of tables and forms.


Products/Services page Tells what the company dishes out

  • Definition: A section that is of utmost for all online shops. It is just like the showcases of any shop. This section displays the products and their particular information. Often prices and some information about the delivery and mode of payment are also mentioned.
  • Type of Content: Varies from one business to other. But use of bullets for displaying the information is popular.
  • Word Count: Medium. No sentence should be elongated unnecessarily.
  • Hyperlinking: Some of the websites create different pages for different types of products/services for these there are links done to the product/service names to take the surfers to the required information page.
  • Matter: Benefits oriented. Try and solve the problems of the readers. Mould all features into benefits.

Log In

Only a brief introduction is required. Mostly the forms and designing work is done with this page.


Testimonials comprise of what the customers feel about the company

  • Definition: People always like to take reference from people before they venture into a major decision. If these are some noted names then it adds cherry on top of the cake. Testimonials page contains experiences from the satisfied customers of the company. They give their insights into how the different products/services have helped them.
  • Type of Content: Mainly compiling and at times shortening the content.
  • Word Count: Short. Only relevant lines to be kept.
  • Hyperlinking: No need.
  • Matter: Mainly compilation of the most relevant lines.


FAQ page clears all questions and doubts in the minds of the visitors

  • Definition: The section that tries to address the most frequently asked questions. These questions may range from the company details to the product/service details. These are generally developed after detailed market research and understanding the psyche of the visitors.
  • Type of Content: Utility oriented. The answers should state only what is needed. No promotional materials should be there.
  • Word Count: Low
  • Hypelinking: Only if there are answers from which you can link to the relevant pages.
  • Matter: Very short answers containing only what is the most relevant words.

SEO Articles: For Humans and Not For Spiders?

As a young content writer in Kolkata I felt that the articles written for SEO Article Submission are the easiest to write. Only thing you got to keep in mind is the use of keywords, rest of the content had no value. But then after a passage of some time I fell in love with my profession as a Content writer and started thinking seriously about my job role. It is then that I understood the real significance of articles in the success of SEO campaigns. Yes, these articles are submitted well and fine for the sole sake of getting high PR but isn’t there a professional obligation for the content writers to make the content best?

Article submissions are generally made in the top article directories (such as Ezine Articles, Article Snatch, Article Buzz, Article Alley, etc.) but you have to compete with many other articles in the article directories to be read by the ardent readers. This is a challenge in itself. Suppose I am writing an article about “sports equipments” won’t I want my article to appear in the first ten search results at the respective article directory? It is a dream of every writer to get their works read by many and as a content writer you should strive to make the articles not average but THE BEST!

How to create a great article for SEO submission? It’s quite simple. Just keep the following basics in mind:

  • The headline of the article should be unique and make you eager to click on the article link and read through. In this respect the use of a question related to your area of writing is a great headline. In the latest surveys it has been seen that people come to the article directories mostly to find answers to some of their problems. If your headline has a question that closely resembles their query then they will read through the article. You may also use “Tips to” headlines which help the readers learn some secrets of the trade.
  • The introductory paragraph should lead the readers directly into the context. One or two lines of writing about the niche sector are fair enough but do not over expand it. The eagerness captured in the headline should be followed forward to the introductory paragraph of the article.
  • The flow of the sentences should be just like the fiction novels. If you have read any fiction novel in the recent times you would recall feeling sleepy and yet not being able to close the book just to read through a few more pages. This is because the sentences are strung together to make reading a gripping experience. Try to attain this purpose with your write up.
  • Use the keywords in proper order. Do not put a keyword just because it has to be inserted into the content. Keep the list of keywords within your eye-sight so that you plan the sentences in a way that the keywords are inserted without hampering the flow of the sentences.
  • Check for all grammar and spelling errors. Read through the article thrice. You should read the article as a part of proof reading just after finishing the article. Then get on with some other work. Open the article for another look after some time and you will find many places that might require slight changes to boost the article.
Hope these steps will help you write an article for the humans and not for the spiders and you can be proud with even the articles written for article submission.

Newsletter Promotion: Do They Work in Present Times?

As a content writer I have written many types of web content. Newsletters are a variety of web content that takes the most time for me to write. In a newsletter you can not write about things people already know. You have to lure them into reading through the whole content by providing fresh news. Most effective newsletters contain a lot of updated niche related news. Its absurd that the marketers spend money to give updated news to customers! But it is not that simple to write and plan a newsletter, you have to provide a lot of updated niche related news alright but it has to promote the client’s products or services in some way or the other. As a content writer in Kolkata how do I make the two ends meet? Well I write about a news and then try to link the company with it. Such as, if I write how customers should check the BBB (Better Business Bureau) certification before buying a product online beside it or below the news I will highlight that the clients website displays the BBB certification thus it is safe to buy from the web store.

For News or for Promotions?

Enough of trying to convert you into a newsletter writer. Now let me talk whether this form of web content is useful at the present date. Well, if you were talking about newsletter promotional campaigns even 5 years back then I could say it is a great business promotion idea. But today our mailboxes are plagued with hundreds of marketing mails regularly. The company authorities might have created a list of prospective clients and sent them mails, but how many of those are actually read? Hardly your mail would be read by 10 people out of 100! Its startling isn’t it? But just think, when you open a mailbox (whether official or personal) it is work that is on your mind. You have no time to go shopping then. Thus the fate of even the best written newsletters may be the spam box.